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    4470 Lubec Ave North Port, FL 34287, USA - North Port
    How or where do I dispose used engine motor oil?
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    4470 Lubec Avenue North Port, Florida - North Port
    I had recently heard that a permit was required to erect an above ground pool. I was directed to a web site to download a form. After doing so, I realized this form was like a building permit. Is that correct to go through that sort of process for a temporary ABOVE GROUND pool. Not the type IN the ground. I'm talking about the kind with a vinyl liner not fiberglass or concrete. That seems like a great deal of hassle just for an above ground pool that's just temporary.
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    4970 City Hall Boulevard North Port, FL - North Port
    Do I need a permit if my Grandson replaces the Tar paper and shingles on my roof?