• Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    1–99 New York Ave Nw Washington 20226, United States - Shaw
    Illegal dumping outside 5 New York Avenue NW likely is major sidewalk safety hazzard
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    1401 7th St Nw Washington 20001, United States - Shaw
    Rubberized sidewalk completely disintegrated and dangerous for elderly walkers or mothers with children
  • 1 N Street Nw Washington 20001 United States - Shaw
  • 1402 Swann Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - U Street Corridor

    For most of this year (for at least six months), several temporary plywood coverings have been in place, covering a large construction (utility?) hole in an area of very heavy pedestrian traffic at the corner of 14th & Swann St, NW, in Logan Circle. Given the boards continued exposure to the elements, the plywood is basically disintegrating in place. I have seen people pushing strollers over them, and joggers crossing them, and have grown increasingly concerned at how the boards flex and sag as people cross them. I fear the boards could crack and break at any moment, and cannot understand how what was clearly a temporary solution to cover the potentially very deep hole beneath could be allowed to persist for so long.

    PLEASE remedy this situation as soon as possible before someone is horribly injured. If the hole must be allowed to exist for a longer period (I haven't seen any work done at the site for months), please at least replace the plywood with heavy metal plates, like those that were installed on the Swann Street roadway surface, just a few feet away from the disintegrating plywood coverings.

    Thank you.

  • 801 Florida Avenue Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights

    The intersection of Florida Avenue & 8th Street NW, with the new Shay apartments to the south and Atlantic Plumbing apartments and condo to the near north and numerous businesses all around, is an extremely busy intersection for both cars and pedestrians. However, I have noted on several occasions - at all times of day - that the pedestrian "walk" signals will ONLY light up if a pedestrian pushes the button to activate it. The traffic signal will turn green for traffic but continue to show "don't walk" for pedestrians crossing in the same direction unless someone has specifically pushed the button prior to the traffic light change.

    While it is true the pedestrian signal works if someone pushes the button, pedestrian traffic is so consistent and often heavy at that intersection that the crosswalk signal really should automatically trigger and display to ensure pedestrian safety.

    There have been times when I have observed over a dozen pedestrians who end up crossing "against the signal" while car traffic (of which none may be present) has a green light in the same direction. Psychologically, I suspect when a person walks up to a crowded crossing, he or she often won't - and probably shouldn't have to - think "I'd better push this button or we won't get a walk signal when the light changes. One simply assumes they will, but for this intersection the crosswalk doesn't appear to be programmed that way.

    Please reprogram all the walk signals at 8th & Florida Avenue NW so the walk signal lights anytime traffic flow for that crossing direction turns green, and not simply on the occasions when someone has pressed the button. Having the button is fine to trigger the walk signal when no car traffic is present. But the walk signal should light up to match the car traffic signals, even if someone hasn't pressed the pedestrian call button.


  • 1728 New Hampshire Ave Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Dupont Circle

    Several trees along the 1700 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW, have not yet been picked up. One particularly large pile sits in front of 1728 & 1730 New Hampshire Ave - at the intersection of New Hampshire Ave, NW, and Riggs Place, NW.

    Some trees have been awaiting pickup for several weeks now.

  • 1711 Riggs Pl Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Dupont Circle
    The panel covering the electrical connections is rusted out and will no longer attach. Electrical wiring is exposed at street level posing a safety risk. Please repair and reinstall the cover (or add a new cover). Thank you!!!