Annemarie Habiger

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  • Broken Land Parkway MD 21045, United States of America - Columbia
    Second time I've reported this issue...The strobe on the red light camera at the intersection of Stevens Forest and Brokenland closest to the Exxon is flashing at the wrong time which causes a potentially dangerous distraction for drivers who are properly navigating the intersection. Please fix this before the strobe causes an accident.
  • Broken Land Pkwy Columbia, MD 21045, USA - Columbia
    The strobe from the red light camera is misfiring time-wise. It's strobing when no one is moving. It's the one closest to the Exxon gas station on Brokenland.
  • Columbia Pike / Exit 17 Ramps Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The ramp exits are covered in trash going in all directions. It's especially bad taking Seneca ramp to 29 S. But they all need to be cleaned up.