• State Rd & Terhune Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Before construction common sense tells you there should have been a no left turn sign here. There are cars driving over construction and almost crossing thinking they can make the turn. IF left turns are allowed . The intersection is just even more dangerous now
  • 491-495 Cherry Valley Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - US Congressional District NJ7
    everyone is either going 45-50 mph or 30-35 on this section, Most dont know the speed has been reduced and there are racing. Could we get a few speed limits signs after the great road intersection on cherry valley rd ?
  • Princeton Pike & Province Line Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Lawrence Township
    Whenever quaker room is closed . Traffic backs up on princeton pike at province line in a unsafe manner. There needs to be 2 lanes for left turns, and straight travelers. both north and south
  • Valley Rd & Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    the crossing signal on the right side of the road , as if you are driving to 206 from valley road is malfunctioning. going cross to not cross continuously
  • Other Archived
    Vandenter Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    People continue to cross against the light to their peril. There needs to be all cross cycle at this intersection. People just cross because they are tired of waiting.
  • Paul Robeson Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    heading towards 206. The green light is out on the left mast.
    which is on the chambers st side.
  • 45 East Mountain Road Montgomery, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ7
    Intersection needs a traffic light and left turn signal for traffic heading north.
  • Harrison St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The crossing at dr canal gives a very unsafe impression of a safe crossing. Cars traveling into princeton are going around 35 mph around the curve and have to jam on the breaks to not crash . crossing lights need to be before the curve.
  • 593 River Road Piscataway Township, New Jersey - Piscataway
    A signal for Plainfield Ave , faces River Road giving conflicting information .
  • 135 Davidson Avenue Franklin Township, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ12
    dangerous merge, the right lane needs to right turn only for safety., there is no safe merge here
  • rogue drivers Archived
    180-204 Centennial Avenue Piscataway Township, New Jersey - Piscataway
    This is the 3rd time , i almost had an accident with someone going the wrong way down centennial ave. There needs to be wrong way signs put up , between river rd and possumtown rd.
  • 800-814 Centennial Avenue Piscataway Township, New Jersey - Piscataway
    Trees still in road causing dangerous swerving.
  • 450 River Road Piscataway Township, New Jersey - Piscataway
    legal left turn needed here, the use of both ramps, would lower traffic volume, and make safer merging
  • 3 Landing Lane New Brunswick, New Jersey - New Brunswick
    huge dangerous potholes
  • 5 Griggstown Causeway Princeton, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ7
    Is anything going to be done to make this intersection safer, it was design for 1980, not 2017. Everytime i go pass here, i always see near misses. Its time to upgrade to a 2 lane bridge already
  • Landing Lane Piscataway Township New Jersey - Piscataway
    Every time i have been at this intersection , trucks go barreling thru a red light.. Cars cant make left onto landing lane, until after the light has changed to red. A pre-warning sign about the light is about to change might help truckers , not drive so dangerously. Also making southbound river rd , go red a few seconds earlier.
  • Landing Lane franklin , New Jersey - New Brunswick
    traffic light into new brunswick from piscataway now has 2 of 3 yellow lights not working., It has been like this for over a year or more
  • large pothole Archived
    4326 Us-1 princeton, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ12
    There is a large pothole . just outside the driveway of 4326 rt, Which could cause damage to cars . It is on the shoulder of rt 1
  • 3 Landing Ln New Brunswick NJ 08901, USA - New Brunswick
    Heading south bound into new Brunswick on landing lane . The yellow light is out on the left mast.
  • Pothole Archived
    1-9 Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There is a large bump or pothole , when heading south to rt 1 , from n harrison st. It causes some cars to bump steer