Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 90
  • 27143 Leroy St. Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Siver 4 door Impala. License plate DMX-6337, has been sitting in front of 27146 Leroy, not working, since before HALLOWEEN!! It's now Dec. 15, I have reported this twice. 1st time, an officer came out, walked around car, got a call of an accident at 12 mile and Utica, and took off with his lights on. While talking to a neighbor, end of last month or beginning of this, said that she had reported it, as well. I have lived here for over 16 years and like my "clean" neighborhood. I have called on cars that sit idle, at the corner apartments for WAY less time, and they are ticketed and or moved. This one, for some reason, keeps beating the system. Now, snow plows are clearing around this vehicle. Please do something about this. thank you.