Tax Paying Citizen

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  • 946 1st Street Southeast Mason City Iowa - Mason City
    The people that live at this address always have the extra large garbage bags that are full of garbage sitting near the alley on days when there is no trash pick up. More often than not, the tops are not secured(pictured) and their garbage ends up in my yard. Today I came home to find and enormous bag (pictured) that belongs to them in my driveway. Their entire property is strewn with junk, rubbish and refuse. Many tax paying citizens complain about this property via this website and nothing gets done. A bunch of people from the neighborhood showed up at a city council listening post. We complained, you listened and nothing has been done. Why have these resources available if not all people waging complaints are served equitably?
  • 946 1st St Se Mason City - Mason City
    I've read other complaints on this site and it seems you aggressively pursue smaller nuisances than the ones that have been posted about 946 1st St SE. If there isn't a code violation (which I find very hard to believe) then I'd like you to pursue getting this property cleaned up as it impedes my ability to enjoy my own property as I have to look at all this junk when I'm outside of my house. This is the first house I have ever owned and the views from my east windows and from anywhere outside on my property makes me sick. I've seen the tax assessor in my neighborhood and all I've got to say is my taxes better be lowered if the city is going to force me to live next to a literal junkyard.