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    220 Green Acres Avenue Richmond, VA - Woodhaven
    Mattress removal from front yard ditch
  • Potholes Archived
    110 Green Acres Avenue Richmond, VA 23224, Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    According to MapQuest the address provided. The huge pot hole is located across from Riverside auto repair. Several vehicles have been in near accidents trying to avoid the hole coming off of Old Midlothian onto Green Acres Avenue.
  • Green Acres Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    Ticket number 7882 - June 6, 2016 report was sent to have right of way in back of property lines re-dug to allow water to flow to creek and creek to be cleaned - item has not been address. Please open a new ticket to have this done. Area that joins the residential homes and residents of the trailer homes.
  • 212 Green Acres Avenue Richmond VA 23224, Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    My neighbor has a couch, possible a broken dresser and tree limbs in his front ditch that may not have been reported to bulk pick up. Hopefully, the city can get someone out soon to collect those items.
  • Potholes Archived
    Forest Hill And Roanoke St Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Park
    The street is extremely damaged at this intersection primarily on Roanoke Street at the intersection of Forest Hill turning on to and off of Forest Hill from and to Roanoke Street
  • 220 Green Acres Avenue Richmond, VA - Woodhaven
    mattress and tree limbs