• Construction Archived
    255 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Construction site at 255 Newark Avenue is actively working Saturday morning April 7, 2018. I will call in the noise complaint but I would like the Construction Officials office to be aware of this. I would like to know if they have a special permit to work on the weekends?
  • 253 Newark Venue Jersey City New Jersey - Downtown
    At the intersection of Newark and Second ( 253 Newark Avenue) there are multiple potholes and uneven pavement. Also, there are two manhole covers that are loose. When vehicles drives over these conditions it is nosey and sometimes the buildings along Newark and Second shake. I am the Committee Person for this district and I have been getting a lot of complaints. Thank you for your attention in this matter.
  • Newark Avenue Between Second And Monmouth Streets Jersey City, New Jersey - Journal Square
    On Friday, 1/19 morning bricks fell of a building at 262 Newark Avenue. Street barriers were put up all along the street and sidewalk for safety while the property owner erected scaffolding with a sidewalk cover. The medal street barriers were not taken away and are blocking the street from cars parking. Can DPW or whatever City Department put them there please take them away.
  • 255 Newark Avenue Jersey City New Jersey - Downtown
    Someone has left a TV console unit on the sidewalk. It is there for 3 days. Please have DPW/Sanitation pick it up. Thanks! Regular trash pickup will not take it.
  • Construction Archived
    255 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
  • Construction Archived
    253 And 255 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Construction work on a Saturday in a vacant unsecure and unsafe demolished site. Was permission granted and are there permits.
    This site has had on-going issues from the beginning (no permits for demolish and dumpster, live gas line while demolishing building, Planning Board approval was for additional floors of exisitng bldg., Now the entire building is down. It is filled with debris and is not properly secured. Unsafe conditions exists. Immediate attention is needed before something serious happens at this site.
  • 255 Newark Avenue Jersey City New Jersey - Downtown
    At approximately 8:45 AM on Sat., May 20, 2017 PSE&G starting jack hammering the sidewalk....this construction has been active for demolition and now utilities (Water Main) and now PSE&G ripping up the sidewalk to get to utilities. My complaints are: Is Saturday morning work allowed? and When ripping up sidewalk shouldn't it be replaced with "the same kind" of sidewalk and NOT BLACK TOP? Is there a City Ordinance regarding Street and Sidewalk Openings? The City repaved and put in new sidewalks all along Newark Avenue and side street from Grove to Tonnele. Why aren't these developer made to repair/replace them has they found them? The same thing happened in from of 218 Newark Avenue sidewalk replaced with black top. This is not acceptable. Please forward to the appropriate City agencies and Ward E Councilwoman Osborne.
  • In The Vicinity Of 255 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Many private property sidewalks not cleared of snow and ice. Also, many City street crossing not cleared of snow and ice.
    Hazardous conditions. Be careful out there.
  • 332-334 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Tonight Monday, 2/20 will be the 5th garbage collection cycle and this condition still exists. I first report this on Monday, 2/6. Therefore, 4 garbage collection cycles have passed and nothing was collected. Why? Can a special pickup be scheduled? This has now become a health hazard!
  • 336 Second Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    There has been household garbage, large boxes and debris at this location for one solid week...new business has opened and tenants moving in to apartments above. Regular garbage pick-up will not take. Don't know why...but owner needs to be informed of proper disposal of garbage and recyclables.
  • 255 Newark Avenue Jersey City New Jersey - Downtown
    255 Newark Avenue sidewalk not properly cleared of snow. Dangerous icing condition. Also, street poorly cleared of snow...crosswalk totally blocked. The City cleared snow from triangle not more than 25 feet from crosswalk...how could they not see the snow blocking a crosswalk?
  • 344 Second Street 260 Newark Ave., 262 Newark Ave, Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    It has been approximately 4 hours since the snowstorm has ended. Dangerous snow and ice condition exists at the following properties: 344 Second Street, 260 Newark Ave and 262 Newark Ave.
  • 332 Second St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    332 Second Street garbage out since Monday, 2/6 this is where the abandoned Citizens bar/rest was
  • Garbage Archived
    260 Newark 344 Second 253 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    In the vicinity of Newark Avenue between Monmouth, Second and Coles several property owners put garbage out last night. Due to the Nor easter there was no garbage collection on Monday 1/23. I guess they were not aware...the next scheduled pick-up is Thursday, 1/25. Is it possible to have a special collection? Not pretty seeing garbage for three whole days! Thanks.