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  • 4102 Rocks Lane Loganville, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    One big pothole at corner of Bay Creek and Hwy 81 and another deep one in front of Victory Baptist church. Count at least 4 in this short stretch of highway. Please send someone out to fill them. Thanks...
  • 4191 The Circle At North Hills Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    Due to the timing of lights from Dartmouth to Six Forks, then trying to get on 440 but North Hills light times with Dartmouth light, the on ramp gets backed up and the two lanes are not well utilized for Six Forks traffic to enter 440 while NH traffic is crossing Six Forks to enter 440. Needs improvement to lights or lanes.
  • 4132-4198 Six Forks Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    Traveling north on 440 then exiting onto Six Forks is often dangerous with traffic so backed up trying to get into North Hills that the 440 ramp has to stagger cars to avoid wrecks. North Hills is not well equipped for traffic entering & existing to and from 440.
  • 2767 Decker Lake Lane West Valley City, Utah - West Valley City
    This light has not been working for more than 24 hours. I called UTA yesterday about this and again this morning. They said they verified it is not their issue, but UDOT's. I contacted UDOT and they said it is not their issue, but UTA's or possibly the county's. Until they quit playing hot potato, can someone get a traffic director out there???
  • 409 E. Magnolia St Arcadia, Florida - Arcadia
    33 potholes on my block... has anyone reported this yet?
  • 5303-5347 North Kolb Road Tucson, Arizona - Catalina Foothills
    Westbound Sunrise closed at Kolb. Lots of Sheriff activity.
  • Between 2957 And 2963 Peralta Oaks Avenue Cross Street 106th Avenue Oakland, California - Moraga
    Attached is a pothole picture that is located between the residence address 2957 and 2963 Peralta Oaks Avenue and cross street 106th Avenue in Oakland, CA 94605
  • 1766-2384 Philippe Park Drive Safety Harbor, Florida - Commission District 1
    There is a fish kill in Safety Harbor. It includes mullet, pipefish, toadfish, pinfish, and blue crabs. Some blue crabs are huddling on the shoreline. The likely cause is a low dissolved oxygen level in the water.
  • Pleasant Hill Road Lithonia/Dekalb County, Georgia - DeKalb County
    bad potholes on Pleasant Hill Road in Dekalb County in both directions. Don't just band aid the potholes, fix them. The whole road needs to be fixed. Too many traveling on this road everyday.
  • 7205 South (Station Creek Way) & 13th East Midvale , Utah - Catron County
    When you make left turn at 7205 S Union Hills into Station Creek Apts the light does not pick up cars in the turn lane so you have to go through a red light to make the turn
  • 241 S 18th St Kansas City, Kansas - Kansas City
    Traffic lights at 18th St, and Pacific not functioning for traffic on Pacific ave. Cars cant turn Southbound onto 18th street and drivers are turning off to the right on 18th to make a U turn on the northbound lane.
  • Mt Zion & Carter Oaks Valdosta, Georgia - US Congressional District GA2
    Please put up a do not block entrance exit at this locations. The parents of Dewar Elementary kids block this area and the residents in this housing areas can't get out. We only have one entrance to our neighborhood. If they were considerate they wouldn't block this area to let us out. Sallas Mahone has a neighborhood close by and they have these signs and this housing areas is not as close to the school as we are. Please help us get this issue resolved.
  • 856 Ridgeview Dr Frankfort, Kentucky - Frankfort
    This street light has been out for a while
  • 736 Legacy Place Dedham, Massachusetts - Dedham
    We need a YIELD sign here!
  • 2563 Merchant Drive Tracy, California - Tracy
    Th street light on Merchant Drive hasn't worked properly for months. It seems that it may have a sensor that is not responding. It turns on briefly sometime but most nights it is out.
  • 208 Alley C Aspinwall, Pennsylvania - Aspinwall
    I have to swerve around pothole city every time I bike to and from home.
  • Highland Park Bridge Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Allegheny County
    The broken glass on the sidewalk needs to be cleaned up now! I will sue if I get a flat tire on my bike.
  • Fisher Hall 2nd Floor Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania - Snyder County
    The water fountain with the "plastic bottles saved" tracker on the second floor of Fisher Hall is not working.
  • Homestead Road Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    In Homestead /Bernardo traffic signal to 85 North is not working and it is staying RED for several minutes when no traffic is around!
  • 4732 Cloudy Morning Street North Las Vegas, Nevada - North Last Vegas
    Now all the lights in the cul-de-sac at the end of Glory Ridge are out including the one at Glory Ridge and Cloudy Morning. This was reported 6 months ago and no response yet.