Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 111,220
  • 20051 Coventry Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
    water leak coming from ground connection (basement floor) prior to entering meter.
  • Skyline Drive Corona, California - US Congressional District CA44
    Broken water fountain, no water pressure beginning of trail head from Skyline drive.
  • 920 Fm 1960 Road East Houston, Texas - Harris County

    Someone has dumped about 40 used tires at 920 FM 1960 & Greenbrook Rd. This very unsightly - how do I get the City to come pick it up?


  • 6360 Ky 44 Mt Washington, Kentucky - Mount Washington
    We need a RED LIght at this location ASAP.
    With the lane expandion (which is great) but now traffic does not stop on 44 which makes it impossible to get in and out plus now you have more lanes to watch when crossing!! There has been way to many accidents at this intersection!!
    Thank You
    Teresa Wallace
  • 2515 Bilter Road Aurora, Illinois - Aurora
    A sort of pothole is in the right turn lane when traveling Eastbound on Bilter Rd and then going southbound onto Eola Rd.
  • 1855 Ponder Heights Dr. Colorado Springs, Colorado - Old Colorado City
    Streetlight out at driveway.
  • 6323 Oilfield Road Missouri City, Texas - Missouri City
    The intersection at University Blvd and Oilfield Rd has only one single left-turn lane. Cars coming from westbound Oilfield Road often form a long line and wait on a long red light to make a left turn onto westbound University Blvd. Every time I come to that intersection, I rarely see cars going straight yet there are two straight lanes. Most cars line up in that single left turn lane. It would help a lot if the center lane also allows left turn.
  • 7350 26th Court East Sarasota, Florida - Manatee County
    Trees need to be cut back away from road at 7350 26th Court East. Trucks and trailers entering and exiting the loading docks at Berry Global are being damaged.
  • Los Angeles Avenue Saticoy, California - Ventura County
    Lights on Country, Nardo and Telephone Rd are the problem with high congestion. All lights should sync green at the same time, having one light green only to have the next one red creates a huge backup.
  • 2710 Pangborn Road Decatur, Georgia - North Decatur
    3 Potholes need repaired
  • 10737 Staghound Trail zebulon, North Carolina - Wake County
    Drainage problem resulting in a large pool of water in street in from of my home that becomes stagnated after each rain. The pool of water remains for days and sometimes weeks. As cars travel daily on the street, they have to go through this water. The smell is bad and causing major mosquito issues.
  • 57 Hurtin Street Port Jefferson Station, New York - Terryville
    There is a huge pot or crater, we all @#$% in the neighbors) we call it the crater, we have reported it many times, and after 3 months nothing, they came by and just skipped over it like it was nothing, many cars hit it and get a flat tire, many people have to avoid it and at many times it is impossible to, the pothole just gets bigger and bigger every week.
  • 330 Arrowhead Blvd. Apt 9-G, Jonesboro, Georgia - Clayton County
    My apartment has been flooding for more than seven days. Maintenance and I does not know where the water is coming from although, we believe that it is coming from the neighbors apartment. More than 20 gallons a day is being collected and tossed out of the front door onto my front porch and the community grounds. The issue has gotten too expensive for me and I believe that I need to get support for Legal Aid. Some images of the damage has been posted on my Instagram website.
  • 600 Atlantic Ave North Wildwood, New Jersey - North Wildwood
    The street light on Atlantic Ave between 6th and 7th has been out for several weeks.
  • 333 Eastwood Avenue Fort Worth, Texas - Arlington Heights
    Street light is blinking off and on
  • 1425 Burrell Street N.W Roanoke, Virginia - Roanoke
    Street light is not working on Burrell street to the right of 1425 Burrell street, there is one by 1423 that is good. the next one is by a empty home and has been out for several weeks.
  • Park Ave Greenfield, Massachusetts - Manhattan
    Several potholes are on Park Ave south of Grand Ave. They are getting larger.
  • 500 Peters Rd harvey, Louisiana - Harvey
    street light out peters road and Texaco lane
  • 24-26 Riverfront Dr Venice, Florida - Sarasota County
    Property neglected, Animals live in unfinished Insulation
  • 220 Prosperity Se Albuquerque, New Mexico - Mountain View
    220 Prosperity has a Curb to enter residence.
    Williams and Prosperity has severe potholes...