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  • 26 Mariposa Place Old Bridge Township, New Jersey - US Congressional District NJ12
    Street is dark and potentially dangerous
  • 1757 Interstate 35e Carrollton, Texas - Carrollton
    There is a Huge pothole in the center lane in between Valwood Pkwy and E Crosby Ln on 35 East Northbound. It was raining hard this morning (Saturday 6/24/2017 @ 9:22am) and visibility was down to about 50 feet with the heavy rain and splash back from surrounding motorists. This pothole was completely filled with water and invisible to everyone who hit it both in front and behind my vehicle. I hit this thing going 50mph (luckily I was going really slow due to the already dangerous conditions on this section of the highway with all of the resurfacing and construction going on plus the bad weather), which felt like being hit by a truck. My flat tire warning light immediately came on and I could feel that I had a flat and just knew that the rim had to be severely bent from the force of the impact. I pulled off the highway at East Crosby Ln and limped to the nearest safe place to pull over, which was a vacant lot on the NE corner of that intersection. There were three other drivers parked there who I very soon later learned had hit the same pothole and were all waiting for assistance or help to arrive. Upon close inspection of my vehicle I had actually suffered two flat tires, both on the drivers side which had hit the pothole and later learned at the dealership I stopped to receive help from later that both rims on that side had been bent from the impact. I see this as a very serious matter which needs to be immediately seen to by the city or the construction company which is under contract for the work by the city along this stretch of highway. If not immediately seen to this pothole may cause a very serious and life threatening accident, which could be easily avoided with prompt resolution. Just fill the @#$% thing!
  • 48th St And Roeser Phoenix, Arizona - Tempe
    2 Pot holes on 48th St going south right after you pass Roeser Rd in the right lane.
    These holes have been there for weeks and getting worse you try to avoid them but you cant due to traffic. When I say Pot Holes I mean big ones when you car hit's it you think you wheel will fall off. Sure hope someone can fix these soon
  • 3130 Highland Drive salt lake city, Utah - Sugar House
    Traffic signal for cars traveling east or west on this intersection rarely changes. Maybe there is a sensor malfunction? It forces cars to illegal enter (by running the red light) highland drive traffic in order to get through the intersection.
  • 5400 Sapp Road Greensboro, North Carolina - Guilford County
    Stop sign removed, now someone always tries to hit my vehicle
  • 1757 I-35e Carrollton, Texas - Carrollton
    Potholes! There is a deep pothole that caused 3 cars to have bent rims and flats. I had 2 tires to be replaced due to this! City needs to fix.could cause.future accidents
  • 39 Hampton Rd Brick, New Jersey - Brick
    Street light out at Hampton rd and Liverpool rd
    pole # is JC1710BK
  • 4806 Avery Detroit, Michigan - Windsor
    10" tree limb partially snapped off of tree on south side of address (W. Hancock St.) blocking sidewalk and traffic/parking lane. Limb takes up a space of apx. 15 ft. high and 20 ft. wide. Could be a hazard for anyone nearby should it break away completely
  • 8407 C E King Parkway Houston, Texas - US Congressional District TX29
    street light bulbs or connection to them need attention. Both lights in front of FIRE STATION need bulbs or connections looked into.
  • I-15 Sb Slat Lake , Utah - Alipur
    Large Pothole In the center lane about 1/2 mile away from the I-80 offramp.
  • 11818 Red Oak Way Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
  • E Covina Hills Road Covina, California - Covina
    Can they please fix the potholes on E. Covina Hills Road in San Dimas and Covina (unincorporated)? There are several, many of them brand new. They can easily damage a car tire. If you try to avoid them, you are at risk of an accident because you have to swerve into the other lane. It is very dangerous. One of them is very new and very big and deep and could blow out a tire easily. Thank you.
  • 21050 Canyon Way Weimar, California - Placer County
    a pot hole in front of the Weimar post office.
  • 1480 Mariposa Street Richmond, California - Richmond
    Illegal dumping,
    9 times out 10, no responds/answers to illegal dumping hotline 510-231-3043 and the voice mailbox won't accept messages.
    Our tax dollars, NOT at work.
    If our city Manager really cared about the Large issue of illegal dumping, garbage truck drivers would be directed to pick up what they could and report what they can't pick up
  • 712 West Felix Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    I got a few street lights out on my street it is very dark and know one can any of kids playing outside . Can you please come fix them.
  • 45 East Church Street Fairport, New York - Fairport
    There are a few potholes on East Church St that are getting bigger by the day. Unsafe!
  • Kings Ave brandon/Hillsbourough, Florida - Brandon
    For almost two years, I have attempted to get the lights fixed at location 5123. The lights were at one time sporatic, but now have been non-functional for months. Since there are patrons who catch the 25LX during the earlier morning hours, we need lighting please.
  • 57 & 59 Home Street Malden, Massachusetts - Junction City
    Illegally installed in-ground pool, only about 12 inches away from homes foundation, has been full of the same dirty, trash filled, mucky water for at least 3 years. Home is frequently vacant for long periods of time. Pool water is disgusting, mosquito season starting and this place is a breeding ground. Effects all neighbors with smell and insects. Mosquitoes carry disease!
  • Ardmore South Of Engle Fort Wayne, Indiana - Fort Wayne
    HUGE pothole at the railroad crossing on Ardmore just south of Engle Rd
  • Intersection Of Nw Ambassador And Tiffany Springs Parkway Kansas City, Missouri - Kansas City
    The left turn signal is not functioning properly when you are on Tiffany springs Parkway, heading east, needing to turn north on Ambassador Dr. I've sat through the light 3 times and these arrows didn't happen in the rotation.