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  • 2608 Forestville Rd Wake Forest, North Carolina - Wake County
    Mailing Address 1 2608 FORESTVILLE RD, is dumping trash into the Longleaf State and Stonegate subdivision buffer zone, creating a fire hazard.
  • 1707 Church Street decatur, Georgia - North Decatur
    intersection of church street and lawrenceville hwy, by Patel Plaza, Dad's Emissions, liquor store, used car lots, and US 1 Novelties has a NO U-TURN sign that has been knocked down. Now, people are making illegal u turns which is bringing them into contact with cars merging onto lawrenceville hwy from church street. please fix!
  • 1195 Laurel Valley Ct Buford, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    3'x3' hole in the ground in the pine straw area next to the fence, along the side facing the home at 1195.
  • Patchogue-Mount Sinai Road Coram, New York - Coram
    Something happened to the timing of this light during the morning commute. North and South bound traffic has a green light for 20 seconds causing major traffic as far north as RT 112. please rectify this as it is adding a15 commute time to everyone on the road
  • 7842-7898 Litchford Road Raleigh, North Carolina - North
    The traffic signal at Litchford Rd and Gresham Lake Rd stops traffic on Litchford Rd for a long time for no reason when there is no traffic from Gresham Rd.
  • Ne Corner Of S. Ocean Blvd And Lake (At Entrance To Lw Casino) Lake Worth, Florida - Lake Worth
    A silver circuit box on the NE corner going into the Lake Worth Casino has red graffiti written on it
  • 2790 Oakwood Creek Way Escondido, California - Escondido

    The street light in front of my house is out. Please replace.

    2790 Oakwood Creek Way Escondido CA 92027

    Phone 858-414-2566

  • &7 Cedar Hills Drive Lonoke, Arkansas - Lonoke County
    Sink Hole, not a pot hole. It appears the drainage pipe under the road has collapsed. If the pavement gives way the resulting hole could be 36x36x36. Yikes
  • 3500 Cornell Road Agoura Hills, California - US Congressional District CA30

    from property @ 3500 Cornell Rd. Agoura Hills, California 91301, which is across the street from the north trail into Paramount Ranch. I left a note on the mailbox 10 days or so ago, and also one at the Fire Station, but it's even further down than it was, and could easily hit a car, or person on a bicycle, or a horse! Any ideas for how to take action before someone gets hurt?

    Thanks so much.

  • 3925 Brookway Drive Fort Worth, Texas - Wedgwood
    Street light at the corner of Brook Forest and Brookway Drive is out
  • Waters Lane & 1300 East Sandy, Utah - Sandy
    Coming off Waters Lane this stop light will not cycle for over a minute even if there is no traffic on 1300 East. Sandy city now has a idle-free ordinance. The timing of this light is way too long.
  • 1859-1875 Cunningham Road Southwest Marietta, Georgia - Cobb County
    There has been a tree down across the sidewalk between Melanie Lane and Hatteras Dr. This has been laying across the sidewalk for a couple of months. You have to walk in the street to get around and car speed up and down Cunningham Rd
  • 4 South 84th Ave Tolleson, Arizona - Tolleson
    the street is full of potholes
  • Summerlin LaPlace, Louisiana - Laplace
    the street light is currently inoperable.
  • 1133 Fulton Ave Vallejo, California - US Congressional District CA7
    Street light is out directly across from 1133 Fulton ave
  • Pothole Open
    26814 Southeast Stark Street Troutdale, Oregon - Troutdale
    Large pothole on NE corner of Stark and Troutdale Rd.
    In right turn lane going from Stark west onto Troutdale Rd. north.
    Getting bigger. Could damage small vehicles.
  • On Ramp Springville, Utah - Sanpete County
    The light for on ramp south bound needs adjustments. the inner lane skips often causing
    the outer lanes to be crowded or people flat
    out running light
  • Waverly And Columbia Redwood City, California - North Fair Oaks
    Mattress and bedframe
  • Shortcut Highway Slidell, Louisiana - St. Tammany Parish
    Please re-time the traffic light for motorist exiting I-10 exit 265 south at Fremeaux turning left (east)on Business 190. The green light barely allows more than 4 cars through on average and if there is a large truck at the front of the line, it is the only vehicle that can get through before the light turns red. This is really an issue in the morning when there are a large number of cars heading to Northshore High school. Then green light needs to last longer.
  • 9200 Cortez Road Bradenton, Florida - Cortez
    The street lights on Cortez Road from the 7500 block and west past the 9200 block have been out for months. The road is extremely dark. There are light posts, but lights have not been on for months and months. Please advise as to why these lights are not on? It is very dangerous, as the road is pitch black at night.