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  • 122 Shutesbury Rd. Leverett, Massachusetts - US Congressional District MA1
    Will you be good enough to fill some big potholes in North Amherst coming up from the Cumby's into the North Amherst intersection? Thank you
  • Los Alisos And Marguerite Parkway Mission Viejo, California - Mission Viejo
    The left turn signal for those turning east onto Los Alisos blvd from Marguerite parkway (headed south) only lets 2-3 cars at a time pass. It is a very short light for a turn that gets very congested.
  • 3901 Park Drive El Dorado Hills, California - El Dorado Hills
    Street light is out by Bank of America building between El Dorado Blvd and Park Drive/ Saratoga Way.
  • 11843 East 61st Street Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - Tulsa
    There is a LARGE tree limb hanging down into the street on the outside lane of Eastbound 61st Street. It is a traffic hazard as cars and trucks have to swerve to avoid it and keeping it from damaging their vehicle. PLEASE CUT IT DOWN.
  • 3400 Davis Drive Cary, North Carolina - Morrisville
    Pothole on right lane going west on Morrisville Pkwy just before Davis Drive intersection - pothole has been fixed multiple times but fix does not last
  • 18675 Hamburg Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Rodents (Rats)
    While sitting on my front porch there was rats running in front of my house. If they are in the front they are in the back where the alley is looking like a forest. The area is unkept along with residents dumping at the vacant houses.
  • 13888 South 437 Road Locust Grove, Oklahoma - Mayes County
    Several months ago, asphalt was placed on the south end of Coopers bridge where the bridge changes to the road. It is a much smoother transition. Thank you! However, the transition from bridge to road on the north end of the bridge is rough and bumpy and it could be filled in with asphalt as well.
  • 56-58 Westbrook Ln Pomona, California - Pomona
    West Brook Ln close 56 and 58 Westbrook ln, there are few potholes and a sewer cover need to be repaired.
  • 35505 Cathedral Sterling Heights, Michigan - Sterling Heights
    homestead junk piled in driveways, junk cars,boats r.v's commercial vehicles all around us, it would be great if someone would come out and remind our neighbors of the city policies on this stuff/thank you!
  • 1251 Palamos Ave Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale


    Please contact the customer since the streetlight is city owned and not PG&E owned.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • 950 Meadowwood Dr San Jose, California - San Jose

    First Name: Wendy
    Last Name: Kong
    city: San Jose
    county: California
    contact phone: (408) 997-7189
    Street Light Information #1
    pole light number: 20N133
    location of street light: Only light on Meadowood Drive.
    light info: on a light pole, on a metal pole
    access_issue: Light has been out for the last two nights. Im not sure if there are other lights out in the area, but the neighborhood appears very dark. Our street had a transformer blow up several weeks ago. Our power also went out again last night sometime between 12:00am - 4:00am. Unclear if any of that is related.Please have someone check and/or advise as to what will be done. Thank you. Wendy Kong

    Please contact the customer since this streetlight is city owned and not PG&E owned.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • 3807 Fm 1092 Missouri City, TX - Zero Zero
    The parking islands at Lowe's were unkempt with tall weeds.
  • 1017 Central Avenue Albany, New York - Albany County
    Twice in the past week I have been waiting in my car at the intersection of 155 and Central heading south, sitting through several cycles of the light with only the left green arrow coming on, and NOT the green light to proceed straight through the intersection, even though there are more than a few cars waiting. It's like the signal isn't being triggered.
  • Willow Ave Ws 380' So W Gettysgurg Ave Fresno, California - Central

    559 327-2372

    Please notify the customer since this streetlight is city owned and not PG&E owned.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • 48 Old Jacksonville Road Montville, New Jersey - Lincoln Park

    There is a huge pothole problem down Jaskonville Road in Montville new Jersey, that may eventually cause harm for the following reasons:

    1) The multiple potholes are so deep that a low car can not drive over them without causing damage to their vehicle therefore giving us no choice but to use the other side of the road. Disclaimer: THIS IS A TWO WAY ROAD.

    2) Workers driving 18 wheeler trucks are constantly going over the limit at an abnormal speed through this road and it can cause a collisions with the vehicles that are trying to avoid the potholes on the opposite side, due to this road having so many turns and in the woods you can not see the on coming vehicle.

    3) We should not have to be forced to drive on the opposite side of the road to avoid causing damage to our property when this an easily fixable issue.


  • 2177 Seneca Drive East Merrick, New York - Merrick
    Please replace bulb in front of this house 2177 Seneca Drive East Merrick
  • 4200 Elsa Terrace Baltimore, Maryland - Hampden-Woodberry-Remington
    Street light out in front of 4204 Elsa terrace
  • 3118 Tucker Drive Huntsville, AL - Huntsville
    Street Light Out between 3120 & 3122
    Tucker Dr. N.W.
  • 2400 Mccallie Av Chattanooga, Tennessee - Ridgedale
    BIG hole at stop sign S Watkins onto McCallie Ave
  • Lockerbie Dr / Girls School Rd Indianapolis, Indiana - Indianapolis city
    Light is broken. It is constantly turning red for girls school rd traffic when nobody is even coming out of the neighborhood.
    Not even sure why 1 neighborhood has a traffic light. Please fix this. It is broken.