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  • 380 Cranbury Road East Brunswick, New Jersey - East Brunswick
    Traffic light at Merrill Av and Cranbury Road does not turn green for long time. Walk sign blinks and then goes back without signals turning red.
  • 2900 Preakness Dr. Nw Marietta, Georgia - Cobb County
    Tree fell overnight blocking Preakness Drive in the Saddlebrook Subdivision. Neighbors cleared enough of the tree to allow cars to pass. Debris has be staged on side of road.
  • 2704 Rave Trail Ne Marietta, Georgia - Cobb County
    Tree has fallen across Raven Trail NE, partially blocking traffic. I cleared a portion so vehicles can pass, but county needs to clear road fully.
  • 20 Adair Drive Marietta, Georgia - Cobb County
    Adair Drive entire blocked to get to Bells Ferry buy tree down
  • 9606 Snowhill Road Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air
    Large red couch needs to be disposed
  • 19-37 Washington Bay Point, California - Bay Point
    there is a very large pot hole and tenants are damaging vehicles
  • 1834 Matthews Avenue Bronx Ny New york - Morris Park
    Went in to buy a parking visitor pass find out the method of payment has been changed to money order. So I get a money order go back in, clerk says I need my car registration I produce my registration. Then click precedes to say I don't need the registration I just need the ID my ID. So I proceeded to give the ID. I asked who to make the money order out to I got an attitude. Proceeded to pay buy money order clerk said I needed to show proof of who I was visiting. I told them the address but it wasn't sufficient. The form States I can give my identification or the proof of visiting residence. It doesn't say I need both. I feel I was discriminated against and denied service. I was met with arguing just to obtain a visitor's pass.
  • 4379 Richwood Place Memphis, Tennessee - Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale
    Truck parked on the street at this location for over 8 weeks without moving and windows down. Apparently abandoned. Please tow away.
  • South Laurelwood Chandler, Arizona - Chandler
    Our school buses cannot get through
  • 9940 Hampshire Ter. N. Minneapolis, Minnesota - Brooklyn Park
    The cover of the light bulb on the street light pole at 9940 Hampshire Terrace N. almost fall down, look like the screw hold the light bulb cover was loose! A lot of kids in this neighbors, for safety concern, please fix asps. Thanks;
  • Ashley Towne Center Rd And Savannah Hwy Charleston , South Carolina - Charleston
    Beside CVS on Ashley Towne Center Rd. there is a bushy tree with multiple low branches obstructing the driving lane.
    Tree needs to be trimmed!
  • Pot hole Acknowledged
    4015-4063 13400 South Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    Pothole on East bound bangerter right lane.
  • 8000-8044 Southern Maryland Boulevard Owings, Maryland - Calvert County
    Since the summer rain storms, the Chaneyville Rd traffic signal turns red to stop traffic along MD 4 without any traffic initiating the change along Chaneyville Rd. Not noticeable during working hours because of the volume of traffic but between the hours of midnight and 4 AM, signal turns red approximately every minute without any side traffic initiating it and the green left turn signals initiate without any traffic in the turning lanes.
  • 19974-20132 Santa Cruz Highway Los Gatos, California - Lexington Hills
    Pothole that destroyed my tire. locate on SB 17 just south of Alma College Rd in the right side of the number 2 lane.
  • 108 Summit Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - McGinley Square
    A red Explorer SUV has a beeper that goes off every hour or so throughout the night causing a public nuisance and disturbance and making sleep impossible. She parks on Summit Ave in front of 107 or 115 Summit. How do I file a public nuisance complaint?
    I do not have the license plate number, but will obtain it this evening.
  • 2300-2398 Nakota Road Royal Oak, Michigan - Royal Oak
    Large Pothole on Nakota Rd between Briarwood Ave & Elmhurst Ave
  • 4619 Oak Ave East Chicago, Indiana - Hammond
    Two tone brown van sitting in front of the house for three weeks and has not moved.
  • Sinova Just South Of Brown Mesa, Arizona - Northeast
    Sinova between Brown and E. Fountain both street lights have not been working for too long. I have reported this before
  • 416 Madera Ave Sunnyvale, California - Sunnyvale
    Street light with pole number 18D39 is out. It is on the address - 416 Madera Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94086.
  • 1472 Leafmore Place GA , Decatur 30033, Georgia - North Decatur
    This water leak was reported to Fire Station #8 on Clairmont Road
    on 15 November with picture identification