• Other Archived
    7 E Jackson Street Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward
  • Other Acknowledged
    1106 Fourqurean Lane Richmond, Virginia - Green Park
    the treee has overgrown and the limbs are starting to die or rot and fall off and they are falling off onto the the roof of the home. Doesnt not want roof to be damaged or other parts of home due to this
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    The Corner In Front Of 1518 Westwood Avenue And Chatham Ave Richmond, Virginia - North Highland Park
    the sewer is clogged with all types of Debris it floods over the side walk every times it rains
  • Other Acknowledged
    336 Hanover Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    tree needs to be cut back the branches are touch the roof of homes
  • Other Acknowledged
    Hanover Ave And Roseneath Road Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    the tree is dead and branches are starting to fall
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    527 Northside Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Highland Terrace
    chairs and table
  • Other Acknowledged
    400 Block Of South Shields Avenue Henrico, Virginia - Byrd Park
    there is a overgrown tree in the 400 block of south sheilds that is touching the roof of home at 2200 rosewood that needs to be cut back
  • Between 2200 And 2206 Rosewood Richmond, Virginia - Tuckahoe
    there is a tree in front of 2200 rosewood avenue and 2006 rosewood ave that grown so large the are touching the roof of the home 2200
  • Other Acknowledged
    Corner Rosewood Ave And Shields Ave Richmond, Virginia - Byrd Park
    the tree was cut down by the city on the corner of rosewood avenue and shields avenue . the stump needs to be grind down to be flush with curb
  • 1015 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    abandon property grass is overgrown
  • 909 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    the grass is over a foot high and it is an abandon building
  • 907 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    Boarded up windows there is an abandon car on the property with grass over a foot long growing in and around it
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    511 Cavalier Circle Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    there is all kind of items in front of abandon building
  • Other Acknowledged
    506 Calvlier Circle Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    drain pipe is clogged with leaves pine cones water can not flow through
  • Pothole Archived
    3520 Missouri Ave Richmond, Virginia - North Highland Park
    main hole is destroyed street need to repaved . street is asphalt there are several big pot holes on this street
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    903 West 31 Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    sofa and dresser
  • Other Acknowledged
    2800 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    the side walk in front of business the bricks are sinking about 8 low
  • Other Acknowledged
    4401 Handover Richmond, Virginia - Colonial Place
    there is a dead tree in 400 woodlawn ave heading towards grove need to be cut down only dead tree between handover ave and grove
  • Trash/Bulk Pick-ups Acknowledged
    9541 Fernleigh Drive Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    6 wooden doors, brush, mattress and box spring, small metal file cabinet and small grill
  • Other Open
    1710 Texas Ave Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Not able to walk on side walk in front of 1710 Texas avenue do to the roots of tree has come up out of the ground tree needs to trimmed and roots need to be looked after.