Clerk of the Commission

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  • 200 Se Depot Ave Gainesville, FL 32601 - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
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  • Other Archived
    4219 Sw 20th Lane Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 2
    There has always been a homeless guy sitting at the Circle K on the sidewalk. It never really bothered him until recently when he has begun to spread his trash and belongings along the area where he's camping. It's getting unsightly and he has a dog that he's whipping with a rope. He has called the police department, they are aware and they said there is nothing they can do. He's asking for additional follow up and a phone call.
  • 1905 Ne 8 Ave Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    Ms. Lillie Lewis says a tree is down in her yard blocking her doorway and has been since the storm. She is requesting assistance getting that tree removed.
  • 415 Se 15 Street Gainesville, Florida - 311GNVPolice Sector 4
    The ditch behind the provided address is clogged overflowing into the yards surrounding the home. Please send someone to unclog the ditch so the water can flow as needed.
  • Streetlight Archived
    Se 14 Lane Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    Per Commissioner Goston, there is a street light out at SE 4th St and SE 14 Lane that needs to be replaced with a bright fluorescent replacement if possible.