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  • Wayne And Monmouth Street Jersey City Nj 07302 - Downtown
    Two trees were trimmed this past winter. Just the first two which were hanging over the road. I had a request in for an entire year for these trees but only the first two got trimmed. Terrence (the trimmer) said they would need to come back and close off the one side of the street for these other trees. They have never been trimmed - Bradford Pear. I've lived here 18 years - two look about to die if they don't get pruned way back soon. WAY back like the ones on the other side of Columbus got after hurricane Sandy (same guy trimmed those). It's been agreed that these trees need to be trimmed before a huge branch snaps off. These last three do hang over the road and are about 5 stories tall. Way too tall and lanky for Bradford Pear trees. Please come prune them way back before it's too late.
  • 161-169 Wayne St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
  • Monmouth St And Watne St Jersey City - Downtown
    It's the 4 Bradford Pear trees on the right as you come down Monmouth just before Wayne Street.
  • Hyatt Regency Jersey City - The Waterfront
    These Big Belly Solar trash containers are all overflowing. There is trash all over the public Boardwalk. It's a disgrace. It should have an attendant at all times since even if there were empty cans, people leave their food containers where they've finished eating. All this debris blows into the river.
  • Jersey Ave And Grand Street Jersey city nJ - Downtown
    The pedestrian WALK light should be automatic, not something that requires people to push a button in order to get a WALK light. Almost NO ONE Ever presses the button, not even the crossing guards. This is the worst intersection since there is a school and a hospital. There are only one or two Pedestrian WALK lights that automatically flash a WALK sign in Jersey City without the need to press a button. It should be automatic since, again, almost no one ever presses the button. Sometimes people just stand there waiting for it.
  • 198 Wayne St Jersey City 07302 - Downtown
    I've tried calling animal control but they said I have to call when I see it and they are often closed then. They gave me a number to call after hours and that's the police station. I called after hours there and the policeman said that skunks "are part of nature" - that may be OK for Liberty State Park, but this is a basement where a building used to be and someone keeps feeding the feral cats - and now it's a haven for cats, opossum, a raccoon and this skunk - the skunk roams this neighborhood and came toward me and my dogs - followed us up the street
  • 167 Wayne Street Jersey City, NJ 07302 - Downtown
    I own my condo - so wasn't sure what answer to put. The trees along the street are by my building