• May Street & Garden Street Needham Massachusetts - Needham

    The attached picture shows cars backed up into the intersection of May & Garden waiting for the light at May & Highland. The cars are all fully stopped, waiting for the red light to turn green. This happens every morning (~8am): cars enter the intersection when there is not enough space and block the crosswalk (and the intersection itself), only to stall there with nowhere to go. This makes it difficult to see pedestrians in the marked (lined) crosswalk. It is already difficult to cross here because a) visibility is reduced since the intersection is not "square" and b) there is no stop sign nor "pedestrian crossing ahead" sign for drivers on May Street who may not realize they are approaching a designated crosswalk. A "Walking School Bus" of young students meets in this area. It is especially frightening that so often drivers are looking at their phones (instead of ahead at pedestrians that may enter the crosswalk) while waiting in the middle of the intersection or across the crosswalk - a pedestrian cannot confidently enter a crosswalk knowing that drivers of vehicles stalled across the crosswalk are not paying attention.

    Please help make this intersection safer for pedestrians. Perhaps a portable pedestrian stanchion can be placed in the crosswalks in the interim until long-term safety updates can be made?

    (Also note that cars are unable to travel across Garden Street when cars are backed up on May Street through the intersection. Drivers act incredibly aggressively here - coming from both May & Garden - trying to "get their spot in line" for the light at Highland & May. Cars even wait across the railroad tracks at this location to make sure they squeeze into their spot in line and through the next light.)

  • 153 Greendale Avenue Needham, Massachusetts - Needham
    Car parked on sidewalk in front of 152 Greendale. Sidewalk is impassible because of bushes. There is no shoulder on this part of the road so pedestrians must walk into this very fast road. There is plenty of room in the driveway of 152 Greendale for the vehicle to park.
  • Utility Pole Archived
    475 Webster Street Needham Massachusetts - Needham
    The utility pole directly in front of 475 Webster appears to be damaged at the base (?) and is leaning somewhat.
  • 33 Spring Rd Needham, MA - Needham
    The whole width of the sidewalk has been crushed and is difficult to walk across.