Carol Elliott

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  • 101 Crownpointe Dr Vallejo, CA, 94591, USA - Vallejo
    Earlier this week SCF reported flashing traffic signals were restored to Normal operations @ Glen Cove, Benicia Rd, Rollingwood. They are not, PG&E completed their work 2 months ago. Also the sidewalk has not been replaced on the West side of Glen Cove and Benica RD
  • 101 Crownpointe Dr Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Fire Hydrant Red Curb Painting. Meadowood Sub Division has 9 fire hydrants that has not been painted in years. Locations listed below:

    Crownpointe Dr
    101 Crownpointe
    125 Crownpointe
    185 Crownpointe

    Longridge Dr
    Park Area across from 280 Longridge
    315 Longridge
    419 Longridge
    Corner Longridge & Sunny Glen, near 448 Longridge

    Sunny Glen

    100 Sunny Glen
    136 Sunny Glen