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  • Centennial High School - Ellicott City
    wires down laying on sidewalk posing hazard
  • Sidewalk Concern Acknowledged
    3578–3642 Centennial Ln Ellicott City 21042, United States - Ellicott City
    dangerous sidewalk and bike lane conditions on Centennial Lane due to tree detritus! The accumulated debris and overhanging branches make it difficult to see the walkway, causes a walker to go in street, is slippery, goes into runoff in gutters, causes bicycle tires to slip, etc. County spent a lot of taxpayer dollars to create the sidewalk and bike path and at this time, they are not safe to navigate! Please help.
  • 4651-4671 Centennial Ln Ellicott City, MD, 21042, USA - Ellicott City
    between Route 108 and the parking lot entrance to Centennial Park West, on the northbound side of Centennial Lane, there are four utility access “manholes” that are not covered...anyone/anything could easily step or fall into them. They have been that way for at least a month that we know of. There are no “fences” or anything around them; just open holes in the ground. The photo shows the markjngs on the short end...nothing else to say what/who they belong to.
  • Centennial Lane Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    the sdiwalks on Centennia Lane, specfically between Frederick Road to Tuscany and Breconshire to Breconshire are dangerous tomwalk on because of large amounts of debris. Please help...we sometimes have to go out in the street to pass the worst areas. My apologies for not taking pictures.
  • 5005 Lake Circle West Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    we have noticed an unusual bug (almost like an elongated lady bug) swarming on the milkweed and neighboring plants on the berm of this pond. Pictures attached. Can you help? Thanks!
  • 5005 Lake C Ircle West Columbia, MD - Columbia
    large branches from the pine referenced have fallen in street and on ground surrounding tree...see also ticket numbers 4186308 and 4186224...further damaging the drain and headwall. Thanks!
  • 5005 Lake Circle West Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    just submitted ticket 4186224 and then found the ticket pictured below from 2016!! Please help...it has gotten worse and that cone is the only action we have seen! This has become a safety hazard in addition to the original request. Thanks!
  • 5005 Lake Circle West Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Safety hazard!! the sewage drain next to 5005 Lake Circle West has sunk and has a gaping hole in the asphalt as well as sunken ground and holes in the surrounding grass area. Also, the brick headwall associated with this runoff drain is sinking. See pictures.
  • 5027 Lake Circle West Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    see attached salt application pic in prep for snow storm. Thank you for being proacitve, but is this correct? Noticecd all the way from Harpers Farm Village Center through Beaverbrook neighborhood. This pic is from Lake Circle Court. Thanks!