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  • 1780 Alderman Road Palm harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Light at alderman and cr1 is out both directions and coming off cr1 is out.
  • 1106-1112 Indiana Ave Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Stop sign has been hit by a vehicle and it no longer standing properly. Not seeing this sign could cause an accident. It has been down a couple weeks now. I have noticed it each Sunday I attend Church right there where its down. Please fix, too many people and kids ride there bikes down that street and are at jeopardy of being hit. The downed stop sign is at the intersection of Indiana Ave and 11st St in Palm Harbor. On the corner where Christ Church of Palm Harbor is, the address of the church is 1111 Indiana Ave.
  • 747 16th Ln Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    Around 6pm every night regardless of the temperature outside we have massive amounts of mosquitos outside. We cannot even sit in our garage without getting bit up. My kids have it worse, they swell up due to being allergic. They have to stay inside and we limit their outside play use during these times unless they are soaked in spray. Is there a way someone can come out and spray, it is horrible. 16th lane is the issue, not sure about the surrounding streets but I know ours is bad. We have a lot of kids in the area, please fix this there's too many diseases out there and all these kidos shouldn't have to suffer these bites.Thank you and much appreciated.
  • Sewer Issue Archived
    2426-2470 Countryside Blvd Clearwater, FL 33761, USA - Clearwater
    Grease trap man hole cover located in the 2nd parking space, at white pole #18 between the parking lot of bjs brewhouse and pf change at westfield countryside mall. the parking spot is directly in front of the address 1160, In The second photo. my husband slipped getting out of the truck. the grease is all over the ground on and around the man hole. is as if the grease is overflowing, got cold and began to harden and is extremely slipper. Luckily he was able to catch himself and grab onto the door before he fell. this is a serious issue. very dangerous, this needs to managed asap. before someone does fall and get hurt.
  • 747-769 16th Ln Palm Harbor, FL 34683, USA - Palm Harbor
    There is uplifted concrete on the sidewalk. Luckily when I was walking to meet my mother n law next door, she tripped on the pile of concrete and I caught her on the sidewalk. This is not safe for the neighbors or the kids that go up and down the sidewalks with skates or skateboard, never the less just walking or those who walk down the sidewalk with their heads in their phones. 🤔 please fix before someone gets hurt. Thank you. the location of the issue is in between 747 and 769 16th lane, diagonal to the palm tree in 747 16th lanes yard.
  • 747-769 16th Lane Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    3 homes had their vehicles broke into last night on 16th street. 1 Wallet recovered in a trash can of one of the homes hit. My purse and Wallet and my other neighbors wallet. Lesson learned, lock and remove belongings. Stupid mistake on my behalf but all items can and will be replaced. Be on the look out, check your cars and trashcans. Report suspicious activity or people.