Debra Israel

Rank: Heman Civic Points: 9,060
  • 4601–4643 Park Blvd Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Electronic speed limit sign is not working.
  • 4357 Park Boulevard - Glenview
    This section of Park Blvd is loose and when a bus drove over it, the whole section rose up. This is a little bit past 4357 Park Blvd.
  • 3860 El Centro Ave Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Mattress and box spring dumped on El Centro near entrance to Sausal Creek trail
  • 4083 Canon Ave Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Depression worsening after report made in 2018. On Canon at Wellington.
  • Hanly Rd Oakland 94602 United States - Oakmore
    Dumped items are located at the end of the upper parking lot at Dimond Park above the rec center.
  • 3411 Randolph - Glenview
    Human waste in street near Public Storage on Randolph
  • I-580 W Oakland, CA, 94602, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
    I am a Special Assistant working with Councilmember Gallo in the Glenview area. Residents living at an encampment across the street from this location sent me the name and license plate of a man that has been dumping boxes of old food products on the sidewalk on 14th Avenue below the 580 freeway between East 33rd Street and MacArthur Blvd. This has been going on for months - please advise as to next steps.
  • 4329 Evans Avenue - Glenview
    Large pothole directly in front of 4329 Evans Avenue and several more along this block. This is an ongoing issue on this street.
  • 1336–1398 E 38th St Oakland 94602, United States - Glenview
    Broken car window glass on sidewalk on East 38th Street near 13th Av along the backyard fence of Edna Brewer Middle School.
  • I-580 W Oakland 94602, United States - Oakland
    There is graffiti on the wall opposite the encampment located on 14th Avenue between MacArthur and E. 33rd St
  • 1030 E 22nd St Oakland 94606, United States - Clinton
    Dumped items partially in driveway and in street.
  • Beaumont And Chatham - Glenview
    One of our neighborhood volunteers collected dumped trash on Beaumont under 580 near the encampment close to Chatham and on the other end of Beaumont near MacArthur or East 33rd.
  • 14th Avenue And East 33rd St - Tuxedo
    There is an extremely large amount of dumped items on 14th Avenue under 580 across the street from an encampment. I am a special assistant working with Councilmember Gallo and am seeing this on a regular basis now. I have received concerns from neighbors about the encampment and the related issues such as this.
  • East 23rd Street & 9th Avenue - Clinton
    Lots of furniture including a mattress on sidewalk.
  • 4209 Tompkins Ave Oakland 94619, United States - Redwood Heights
    There is a section of road on Tompkins Avenue missing as well as potholes on the 4200 block.
  • 3778 Park Blvd - Trestle Glen
    Two couches on sidewalk near Beth Jacob Temple on Park Blvd
  • 3800 Park Boulevard - Glenview
    I’m a special assistant working with Councilmember Gallo and was contacted by a constituent. He stated that the streetlight is not working in front of the dry cleaners at 3800 Park Blvd on East 38th St at Park. Pole number A6366 - is also in photo.
  • 2824 23rd Ave Oakland 94606, United States - Reservoir Hill-Meadow Brook
    A constituent contacted our office regarding protruding metal at a bus stop located on 23rd Avenue and East 29th Street. There are safety concerns for pedestrians.
  • 3418 Park Blvd Oakland, CA 94610, USA - Lynn-Highland Park
  • 4150 Whittle Avenue - Oakmore
    There are several large holes on this long block - approximately the 4100 Block of Whittle. I was told by a resident in this area that people have submitted many reports with no result - please let the community know when something will be done.