• 6 Cleveland Rd Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Possible water main break. Water has been looking around this crack for a week and we thought it was from melting snow. Today you can see it bubbling up out from under the road.
  • 4 Monroe Rd Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    During road construction last month a pile of sewer grates and man hole covers were left on the side of the road. There were 4 children climbing on them yesterday when I came home and advised them to keep off as they are on their sides and unstable. I do not want to see anyone hurt if they fall over. Could the dpw please move them to a safe location?
  • 313-315 Lafayette St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    This sewer cover seems to sunken deeper recently and caused damage to my wheel today.
  • 75 Lafayette St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    NW in front of 73 Lafayette street Salem there are 3 or 4 sunken square manhole covers approximately 3" deep that were never raises. Same thing in front of beerworks on derby heading west. I managed to bend a steel rim on my 1 ton sprinter van today and destroy a tire.
  • 9a Cleveland Rd Ext Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Add tree. A tree in front of 9A Cleveland rd ext was removed years ago for catch basin tank installation and we would like to request a new tree be planted or permission to plant our own.