Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 530
  • 109 Olive St New Haven 06511, United States - Wooster Square
    Large tree branch fell into the road and was moved onto the sidewalk. It is now blocking the entire sidewalk and is very big
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    99 William Street New Haven, CT 06511, United States of America - Wooster Square
    Request for wrong way signs because people drive the wrong way down William street multiple times a day!
  • 2-22 Pond Lily Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Amity
    1 of the yellow lights is out going north at the pond lily intersection. The one on the right. All other colors are working.
  • 262-276 Yale Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Light not changing to allow cars on Yale Ave to go