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  • 35 Jeanette St Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    During the last windstorm several weeks ago, a wire came down (looks like cable TV wire) and is dangling onto the sidewalk. Also the electric meter came unfastened from the house and is just hanging by the cable. This issue was reported weeks ago and "closed," yet it was never addressed.
  • Wire Down Archived
    33 Jeanette St Albany, NY, 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Windblown wire down in front of house. Looks like non-high voltage (cable TV or phone landline). Looks like it may have been attached to 35 Jeanette Street dwelling.
  • Sinkholes Archived
    Jeanette Street Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    A recent water main break was repaired on Jeanette Street near the intersection of Delaware Avenue. The back-fill has sunk several inches to the point where vehicles bottom out when traversing the area. Situation has worsened each day as repaired area continues to sink.
  • 28 Jeanette St. Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    Second floor tenant has a gray pitbull that often barks endlessly. I have tried calling both APD dispatch and Animal Control. Can someone PLEASE address this?
  • 18 Jeanette Street Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    The residents of 18 Jeanette Street continue to race up and down Jeanette Street. Surveillance has shown that the vehicle is owned by the resident(s) there. They put it away every 15 minutes or so to try and avoid detection. But it is very definitely owned by whomever lives there. They store it in the backyard. I hope that they can at least be cited with a violation, if not having the vehicle confiscated and/or towed. This is an ongoing issue.
  • 18 Jeanette Street Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    The people that live at 18 Jeanette Street have been riding mini-bikes not only up and down Jeanette Street, but on the sidewalks as well. This is an issue every Summer. Police have been called many times in the past, yet this still goes on. They continue to thumb their noses at neighbors knowing they can easily evade police. There are young toddlers on the sidewalks that are in danger of being hit.