Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 995
  • 6120 Tamar Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia

    We want to thank the Howard County Bureau of Highways and the contractor for doing a great job on replacing the damaged gutter in front of our home and damaged sidewalks and gutters in our neighborhood. They all did a great job and were very considerate in making sure that we were informed when work would be performed and when our car would need to be out of the driveways. The supervisor for the county was great.

    Too often people just complain and we also need to say thank you!

  • Tamar Dr & Old Montgomery Jeffers Hill Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    I reported this before. The street light is down at this intersection which means so is the yield sign. I requested a temporary sign because this is a dangerous intersection. When I went through the intersection this afternoon I saw a barely visible yield sign resting on the ground held up be an orange traffic cone. Please install a sign on a pole at the drivers eye level. The street light is hit regularly and takes weeks to replace. Could we please have a yield sign on its own pole. Thanks
  • Charter Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The lane and other roadway markings are barely visible on this very short road. When heading from the Howard County General Hospital or medical pavilion to Hickory Ridge Road it is almost impossible to tell where the middle line is and the location of the left turn lane. With salt on the road the very light lines become invisible. Thanks
  • 6114-6120 Tamar Dr Columbia, MD 21045, USA - Columbia
    The street light has finally been replaced at the corner of Tamar and Old Montgomery in Jeffers Hill. Now the yield sign needs to be replaced or placed on a permanent pole. The temporary sign is still there. Thanks
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Dobbin Road Between Oakland Mills Rd @ Herman Rd Columbia, Maryland - Savage-Guilford
    Rows of dead trees on both sides of Dobbin Road