Secteur Cyclist

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 935
  • Davison Drive Antioch, California - Antioch
    There is broken class in multiple spots in the bike lane. Not sure when Davison was last swept, but I got a flat tire riding through here a couple of days ago. At present I will stop riding in the area due to most bike lanes not being swept regularly for gravel and glass shards.
  • 2111 Hillcrest Ave Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    this is a recurring homeless encampment that had been reported multiple times with no action taken.
  • 2100 Renwick Ln Antioch, California - Antioch
    There have been two homeless tents in the creek for several weeks. One is red, the other dark colored. These homeless people venture into our complex and dig through our trash, as well as check cars to see if they're unlocked. We've had multiple break-ins of our pool shower and restrooms by transients.