Julia Robey Christian

  • 684 North Carolina Ave Se Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    The sidewalks surrounding the pocket park (Turtle Park) at intersection of 7th, Independence, and North Carolina SE (right by Eastern Market) are completely covered and very icy making them impassible to pedestrians on foot. Many people out at the Market this weekend making it very dangerous in that area.
  • 1100-1198 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    North side of 1100 block of Penn, SE (pocket park) is not shoveled and impassible on foot. Bus stop is completely snowed in as well. NPS is non-responsive. Please help before someone gets hit by a car while walking in the street.
  • 500-598 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    the 400 and 500 blocks of Penn Ave, SE (abutting Seward Square) have not been touched with a shovel and are completely impassible on foot - both north and south sides of Penn Ave. People are walking in Penn Ave to get past those stretches. this is incredibly dangerous. Several attempts have been made to get NPS or DPR to take care of this. Nothing has happened to date.
  • 800-898 Pennsylvania Ave Se Washington, DC 20003, USA - Capitol Hill
    The northern portion of the Eastern Market metro plaza (800 block of Penn, SE) has seen NO shoveling from NPS. People are walking in the middle of Penn Ave, SE to navigate around the mess. I have lodged several requests to have this done and nothing has been done. There are several events happening on Barracks Row today and some happening North of Penn. This is a serious recipe for a pedestrian disaster.
  • 1200 E Capitol St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    The sidewalks surrounding Lincoln Park (and the park in general) have not been shoveled. Many many please have been made. VERY dangerous for people on foot having to walk in the street and navigate around the increased amount of vehicular traffic.