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  • Mosquitoes Archived
    615 Avenida Del Norte Sarasota 34242, United States - Siesta Key
    Love bug infestation. Any chance of dealing with these guys with mosquito spraying? The island is swarming with them
  • 605 Avenida Del Norte Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    The left turn lane on Ocean at the Stop sign has been faded and creates issues as visitors dont realize there's a left turn there and they turn from the right lane.also we were told there would be more STOP markings on road while they were painting the bike lanes however nothing was done. People just roll right thru the 4 way stop.
  • 10 Beach Rd Sarasota, FL 34242, USA - Sarasota County
    Another problem at access 2. Someone chained a bench to a sign
    at access 2. Next to the port o potty
  • 51 Beach Rd Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Camping on beach access 2. Still!
  • 10-98 Beach Rd Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    Tent is pitched overnight at access 2 along with port o potty. And a huge American flag! What is being done to monitor our beach?!
  • 349 Canal Road Sarasota Beach, FL 34242, United States of America - Siesta Key
    The county came to repaint the yellow lines but neglected to paint the left turn arrow (so people keep turning left from the right lane and also 90% of the people don't see the STOP sign and just roll right through! Please help fix this
  • Avenida Del Norte Siesta Key, FL - Siesta Key
    All of the streets in the village have yard debris sitting and breeding all kinds of
    bugs, truly a nightmare. Can’t walk the street, attacking mosquitos everywhere.
    Please spray the mounds, and the streets in the village area.
  • 788 Beach Rd Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Sarasota County
    Graffiti all over the walls at public beach!
  • Access7 Siesta Key - Siesta Key
    A tire washed up on beach at access 7
  • 5115 Dewey Pl Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    The app is not letting the address to be shown. It's in treasure boat when you enter from Ocean Blvd
  • Ocean Blvd siesta Key, fl - Siesta Key
    The graffiti is on a utility box at beach access 5. Please remove
  • 5188-5198 Ocean Blvd Siesta Key, FL 34242, USA - Siesta Key
    There are two issues at this intersection. One is that very few cars stop at the stop sign. The are distracted and drive right thru. High pedestrian traffic. Many close calls. Also there is a left turn lane there and the paint on the asphalt has worn out and visitors to the area or taking left-hand turns from the right lane causing accidents. My suggestion would be to repaint the street with the left-hand turn lane and also paint on the street a yellow STOP or make the stop sign a flashing Stop sign. It's super dangerous.