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  • Hillcrest Cir Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    After 2 years of waiting for the new larger street sign, the sign is wrong. Hillcrest is a circle, NOT a court. We have enough problems with deliveries. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years!
  • Hillcrest Cir Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
  • Stratford Ave Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    There were about 6 turkey walking down the sidewalk on Stratford. This needs to be addressed before you have the problems like the city of Davis. These 6 will soon be 60.
  • 305 Archer Pl Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    Street light has been out for awhile
  • 565 W Cherry St Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    The street light between 1060-1070 Iowa Court only turns on in the middle of the night (around 2-3am) if at all. This has been going on for about a week.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    1801-1899 Gold St Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    Street Lights have not been turned on in new neighborhood.
  • Street Light Archived
    1055 Vaughn Rd Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    Street light is out
  • Trees Archived
    131 W A St Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    The trees in the parking lot that's shared with the school district are sapping quite a bit. It's sticking to the sidewalks and all over our vehicles when we park there.
  • 1640 Sequoia Way Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    At least 2 sprinklers broken. Water up to my ankles in places.
  • Trees Archived
    Valley Glen Dr Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    I can’t take my walker on the sidewalks around pulte homes. The cherries from the trees stop my wheels from moving. It is very dangerous. Take those trees out please and clean the sidewalks so I don’t fall.
  • Yale Dr Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    Billboard (Measure N) in ditch outside southwest corner of Rina's Trail.
  • Other Archived
    2035 Kingston Dr Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    Northwest Park Dixon, California - Dixon
    Lights have been out for couple months
  • Street Light Archived
    1130 Charity Lane Dixon, California - Dixon
    Street light been out for several eeeks
  • 1230 Cornell Court Dixon, California - Dixon
    Impossible to cross traffic at multiple times throughout the day. Sometimes you are stuck at this intersection waiting for it to be clear in both directions for over 5 minutes! There have also been multiple accidents at this intersection, it's dangerous.
  • W A St Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    Rock gravels from Northwest development construction spread along westbound bike lane between Pitts School and Evans Rd. This condition raises road hazards for both bicyclists and their bikes. City staff please contact the construction developer and have them sweep the affected area daily. Thank you. From a concerned Dixon citizen.
  • Other Archived
    North Washington St Dixon, California - Dixon

    The house on the corner of North Washington and West H st has an RV parked on the lawn that faces H st. Looks like they laid a gravel pad so I am thinking they are going to do this long term. As you go north on Washington and come to the stop sign - the RV obstructs the view of westbound traffic on H Street. IS it within the City code to have this RV parked there?

    Thank you

  • Street Light Archived
    509 Archer Dixon, California - Dixon
    light is out
  • Parking Archived
    128-138 E A St Dixon, CA, 95620, USA - Dixon
    The parking lot across from Buds is closed.
    There is no where to park! This is going to kill the downtown businesses. We have already not stopped to go to Dawson’s because there was no available parking!
  • Street Light Archived
    1115/1117 Newgate Way Dixon, California - Dixon
    this property and adjoining properties are very dark at night and receive no streetlight/security lighting. Dark neighborhoods are an invitation to crime and studies have proven that streetlights reduce crime. How can we get a little more lighting here? Can property owners pay dixon to install a light and how much would that cost? Who would pay for ongoing electric consumption? Does Dixon offer any security lighting programs/assistance or rebates? Thank you.