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  • 1500 Roseberry Ct. Dixon, California - Dixon
  • 1500 Roseberry Ct Dixon, California - Dixon
    Light on walking path. end of Palmer Ct.
  • Trees Archived
    Dixon CA - Dixon
    Trees next to the water company are obstructing view of the stop sign.
  • Pothole Archived
    Park Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    It is near the water runoff drain hole. It is also near a sewer hole (I think it is sewer drain). It is currently a tripping hazard as my mother in law tripped in the hole in the road..
  • Other Archived
    1115 Oxford Ct Dixon, California - Dixon
    As you continue to construct the new City website, please include the names of the current councilmembers and which districts they represent. Far too many Dixonites don't know which council member is their representative.
  • Street Light Archived
    1640 Folsom Downs Circle Dixon, California - Dixon
    The top of the light is broken and is hanging over. It may break off and fall on someone.
  • Street Light Archived
    1500 Roseberry Court Dixon, California - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    1415 Valley Glen Drive Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    1466 Bello Drive Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Streetlight head is falling off, making noise and it's a hazard
  • Street Light Archived
    375 Archer Place Dixon, California - Dixon
  • Trees Archived
    1858 West A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    South side of A Street near Hwy 80, trees are growing into PG&E lines causing lines to sag and branches are intertwined. May be a fire hazard.
  • Other Archived
    760 Wintun Court Dixon , California - Dixon
    Can someone address the overgrown bushes and jasmine plants down Pitt School Rd and West A Street. Narrowed path on sidewalks and West A Street sidewalk is covered in slippery pine needles.
  • Street Light Archived
    2145 Folsom Fair Circle Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Street light out
  • Street Light Archived
    700 Brians Way Patwin Park Dixon, California - Dixon
  • Other Archived
    7937 Pitt School Road Dixon, CA - Dixon
    a lot of broken glass at the corner of Northeast and A St
  • Other Closed
    1124 West A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Brush left along southside of A Street after trimming was done between Lincoln and Pitt School and concrete footings in same location thrown into the street.
  • Other Archived
    410 N. 5th St Dixon, California - Dixon
  • 1500 Hannah Court Dixon, California - Dixon
    Pruning is badly needed along most of the linear walkway between Austin Dr. and N. Lincoln St. Most of the problem is clusters of young "weed trees" that need cutting away to prevent them from growing into dense clusters of full-sized trees. Looks like it's been quite a while since pruning was done along the walkway.
  • Water Archived
    105 East Dorset Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    Along the sidewalk outside of La Cocina Mexicana there is excessive watering of plants. When we were seated there were already puddles of water both on the sidewalk and in the plant area. We stayed at the restaurant for well over 30 minutes and the sprinklers remained on even after we left. Water conservation is a huge issue so I hope this problem of overwatering is recognized and dealt with in a timely manner.
  • 1690 Gill Drive Dixon, CA - Dixon
    2nd sprinkler from SE Corner is spraying into the street