Rose Williams

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  • 2491 Birnam Woods Way Gainesville, Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1

    Back in June I reported a continuing problem of vehicles speeding on 24th Blvd in the Cherry Tree/Forest of the Unicorn/The Lakes area. It is particularly bad between Alpine Drive and 45th Ave.The problem was reported to GPD who said they had addressed it and would be monitoring the situation. I've seen NO such evidence that they are attempting to monitor the speeders on this street. Here was their reply:

    "311GNV wrote:
    Per GPD, they last addressed this issue 01-26-2017. We deployed the Stealth stat and Speed trailer. The posted speed limit on NW 24th BLVD is 35MPH. Per the speeds recorded by the Stealth Stat, we learned the average speed travelled on the roadway during 01-23-2017/01-27-2017 was 37MPH. It should be noted; however, that it did record a speed of 97MPH. The Traffic Safety Team and zone officers will continue to monitor traffic in this area."

    I seriously DOUBT the average speed is 37 mph!!! After the first day of the speeding device being deployed, logically, most people will drive slower. But there should be GRAVE concerns that even one vehicle was clocked at 97 mph!!! The posted speed is 35, most people are going at least 45 to 50.
    There has been an accident (see attached photo) with a vehicle running off the road and catching on fire at the intersection of 24th Blvd and 45th Ave since I reported this problem. I have personally seen 3 vehicles passing on the double yellow line on this street with oncoming traffic since I first reported this problem.

    School will be starting again soon and there will be children and parents walking in the sidewalks daily. Eventually there is going to be a horrible accident because of the way people are driving on this street. This IS a problem. This street needs, at least, speed bumps put in on the stretch between Alpine Drive and the school zone speed light just beyond Birnam Woods Way.
    I am imploring GPD to take this problem seriously...PLEASE!
    Rose Williams

  • 2491 Birnam Woods Way Gainesville Florida - 311GNV Police Sector 1
    There has been increased traffic on 24th Blvd (which runs between NW 39th Ave and NW 53rd Ave) ever since the new Walmart opened and it only seems to get worse. With the increased traffic has come increased speeding, and although the speed limit is 35 mph, hardly anyone goes that speed. People routinely drive 40 to 50 mph. How do I know that? Because a speed monitor was place on the street just before Alpine Way for several days and in walking my dogs twice a day I saw drivers get the flashing light warning that they were over the speed limit.
    We are still waiting to see what will be done about this and the strips that are routinely put across the road to monitor traffic volume. It has become unsafe to walk the sidewalks here because of speeding and erratic drivers. On five separate occasions I have seen cars passing on the double yellow line on this street between Alpine Way and Birnam Woods Way. One car did so as our daughter and I were walking our dogs and he almost lost control and did run off the road onto the sidewalk before snatching it back on the road. He came within 15 feet of hitting my daughter!
    I am NOT exaggerating in saying this, sooner or later, there will be either a horrible wreck and/or a pedestrian death if something isn't done SOON! These sidewalks are heavily used by pedestrians and bicyclists. Some of these pedestrians are school kids walking to school at Norton or to catch a bus. I walk these sidewalks twice daily and I do not feel safe on this street anymore. We've lived in Forest of the Unicorn since 1999, so I am very familiar with this neighborhood. In talking with my neighbors I know my husband and I aren't the only ones with this concern.
    PLEASE do something (speed bumps, a four way stop, lower the speed limit, and/ or more police patrol writing speeding tickets) to help with this serious problem.
    Thank you,
    Rose Williams