• 4417 North Pennsylvania Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    Please, please, please fix the light at NW 47th and Penn Ave. people are running the stop signs, honking and speeding off aggressively.
  • 2074 Northwest 47th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States of America - Oklahoma City
    The intersection of 47th and Penn really needs temporary stop signs. Lights have been out since Tues. We've seen many cars fly right through the intersection and several close calls from our house, lots of honking.
  • EMBARK bus Archived
    2040 Nw 47th St Oklahoma City, OK 73118, USA - Oklahoma City
    I was driving north in left lane of Lincoln Blvd between 36th and 50th at 12:13pm May 25. An EMBARK bus was in the middle lane heading north. Bus signals left to change lanes in front of me, hits brakes, turns off signal and swerves from left back to middle.
    Bus hits brakes again slowing down almost next to me (couldn't have been in a blind spot, wasn't that close). Hits brakes, uses turn signal at last minute, straddles left and center lane and turns left across the median heading back southbound at this point. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting the middle of that bus she swung out so far. I didn't have anywhere to go.
    In my shock I didn't get a bus number but it was a woman and she seemed very lost. Didn't look like there was anyone on the bus and she had no reaction whatsoever to my honking. She created a very dangerous situation and I would be remiss not to report it.
    Feel free to contact me if I can provide any more information. Mills Leslie 848-4960 / 2040 NW 47th /