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    2302 E Fletcher Ave Tampa, Florida - University
    I had a problem when I rode the route 33 bus in the direction of Dale Mabry. This was Monday June 5th at approximately 852pm. The vehicle was #1522. I had a gallon of milk, some groceries and a sick and crying toddler in the stroller. When the bus driver stopped, he he refused to open the door and instead made motions that I needed to fold up the stroller. I raised my grocery filled hands to show him the feasibility of his request and only then did he open the door. Right off the bat, he started shouting which scared my daughter. I was planning on taking the bus to the 140th ave and 15th st stop, so didnt plan on being on the bus long. After i put my daughter in a seat, i moved the stroller off to the side and out of the way of the aisle even though there were only two other people on the bus. The bus driver continued to shout that i needed to fold up the stroller and get it out of the aisle. So despite it being in a locked position and out of the walkway, that wasn't enough.. Though after hearing how he treated the other woman on the bus, maybe I did nothing wrong and maybe he just likes verbally abusing women.
    The stroller cannot fold up all the way when holding groceries on the underside. I put them there so they wouldn't go everywhere when the driver alternated between stomping on gas and then stomping on brakes. He refused to drive the bus until I folded the stroller. I folded it and put it on a seat. When i got home the majority of our food was crushed and destroyed. When you have a screaming and crying toddler in one hand and a bag of groceries in the other, salvaging groceries from the underside ofa stroller isn't even an option.
    My point is this: clearly there is a different way this bus driver could've approached the situation. From the get go he was incredibly aggressive and abusing his power (acting as if i didnt obey him he wouldn't let me on his bus). When i mentioned something about his operator number,it was no longer to be seen on the display sign. He saw someone struggling in life and instead of helping, he chose to hurt. I really think it's a shame that HART drivers can get away with behavior like that with no repercussion.
    Before I even got on the bus, the driver was giving a woman who rides his bus EVERY DAY a hard time because he didn't see her bus pass. It's the same bus pass she shows him every day.