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  • 7891 60th St N Pinellas Park, FL, 33781, USA - Pinellas Park
    There is a vehicle (goldish tan SUV) parked behind this home with no tag and there is a person living in it. I've driven by at all hours of the day and there is a female in the drivers seat at all times. They occasionally move it out alongside 79th and then drive it back behind the house again but there is ALWAYS someone in the vehicle which is full of accumulated trash.
  • 7881 59th Street North Pinellas Park Florida - Pinellas Park
    They swarm in our garage, front yard and driveway. We have no standing water and keep our home clean. We can't even water the yard now without being swarmed. Not sure if the drainage canals are causing it or a neighbor not taking care of their pool but it's awful
  • 7900 59th Street North Pinellas Park Florida - Pinellas Park
    Multiple issues, fence was replaced with no permit using old discarded fence with spray paint graffitti on it. Fence that was torn down and has been piled up in the front yard for a couple months and not discarded. Yard is horrible, they never mow, screens are torn off. Embarrasing! I don't really see the point int taking care of ours when we have to look at theirs everyday.