• 110 26th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Old Northeast
    According to the Storm Debris Map, I'm in the green area which means that ALL of the storm debris at the curbs has been cleared. I'm infuriated as the debris that has been at my curb for WEEKS now - since I dragged HUGE limbs, etc..[knocked down from Hurricane Irma] from the back and front yard to the curb is all still at my curb.
    I'm a small woman in my '60's and am tired of going out there daily to try to rearrange that which has been blown or pushed off of the pile onto the street and get it all back together to be taken. PLEASE come remove this debris from the curb in front of my home - it's a hazard with all of these winds to windows and to the cars that park on my side of the avenue.
    Thank you.