• 12 Gilmore St Cambridge 02139, United States - Riverside
    Chain is very rusty at Hoyt park playground.
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    23 Bay St Cambridge 02139, United States - Riverside

    Dangerous intersection

    The intersection of Franklin Street and Bay Street is a dangerous one. Cars frequently do not make a full stop at the two stop signs at this intersection. This is particularly problematic because many children cross the streets on their way to and from MLK Junior school, and bicyclists frequently bicycle very fast down the Bay Street hill in the wrong direction through the intersection. While I have not seen any direct accidents, there have been many close calls with cars not stopping at stop signs at the same time that bicyclists are speeding down the hill. I’ve also seen children almost hit by cars. Generally, our neighborhood is concerned about intermittent speeding on these and nearby streets. We would appreciate the speeds and stop sign adherence patterns to be studied (in a manner whereby cars cannot see the police officer studying the intersection such that true patterns can emerge). For this particular intersection, I would like to propose a speed table, ideally a somewhat steep one, like the one just recently installed at Holly and Huron Avenues. For the rest of the streets (Franklin, Green, Kinnaird, etc), intermittent speed bumps the length of the streets would be ideal as people often speed down these streets as ‘short cuts’ for avoiding Mass Ave. Thanks so much for looking into this. It would be amazing to remedy this before an actual accident occurs.

  • Cambridge 02139 United States - Mid-Cambridge
    There is a brick sticking up (that I cannot manually remove or push back in) at the edge of the water area that I’ve seen a couple of running kids trip on. Please fix when able. Additionally, if the asphalt couple eventually be replaced with the soft turf that’s on the rest of Cooper playground, that would be great. Thanks!
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    569 Green St Cambridge 02139 United States - Riverside
    There has been electrical wire/cable hanging down for a while across the street from 568 Green St. not sure if this is electrical wire or Comcast cable but either way should be dealt with as not safe for anyone, particularly children.
  • 17 Bay Street Cambridge, Ma, 02139 - Riverside
    Dead pigeon on sidewalk
  • 23 Bay Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    There is a dead bird on the sidewalk near the large tree in front of 23 Bay Street.
  • 23 Bay Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    There is a dead bird on the sidewalk outside of 21-23 Bay Street near the large tree in the middle of the sidewalk.
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    21 Bay Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    The sewer drain in front of 21 Bay Street smells strongly of feces and waste and I believe is blocked. Thank you.
  • 23 Bay Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Riverside
    hello, there is a large tree on the sidewalk in front of 23 bay street with multiple large limbs overlying the roof of 21, 21a, and 23 bay street that need to be cut back. thank you!