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Jerry Joseph Jasper

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  • 3550-3560 Laurel Road East North Venice, Florida - Venice
    Both new and reoccurring potholes on Laurel Road between Jacaranda and Knights Trail.
  • Wastewater Archived
    Veneto Blvd Sarasota, Florida - Venice
    Considerable odor evolving from three lift stations within the Venetian Golf & River Club. They are located on Padova Way, Veneto Blvd and Pesaro Blvd.
  • 3562-3570 Laurel Road East Nokomis, Florida - Venice
    Recently, many potholes along this Laurel Road area have been reported and fixed. The problem is that new ones continue to develop in rapid succession. Several new potholes just over the past several days. Could this portion of Laure road be ready for repaving?
  • 3562-3570 Laurel Road East Nokomis, Florida - Venice
    There are several potholes on East Laurel Road between Jacaranda Blvd and Knights Trail.