• Ferncliff Road Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Street sign indicating the intersection of 32nd st and ferncliff road has fallen down.
  • Chesterfield Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    There is an old tree on the edge of the park I’m afraid will fall on to our house. We reported it last summer and were told it would be taken down in October. It’s still there! Another tree next to it recently fell towards us, but luckily just fell in the street instead. City officials need to take the tree down, especially since it’s a liability issue for the city having been informed of the issue for so long without a response. Please take the tree down.
  • Dead Tree Archived
    800-898 West 32nd Street (W Of 32nd Street In Forest Hill Park) Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Park
    There is a very large dead tree in the park next to 32nd street. My fear is that in the next big storm, it will topple into the road (it seems to be leaning that way), tearing down power lines, damaging the street, and potentially crushing the home adjacent to it. I'm all for letting the trees naturally biodegrade, but the risks here seem to be great enough to preemptively take it down.
  • 812 West 31st Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Tree roots have cracked and made this part of the sidewalk a walking hazard.
  • W 32nd Street (Between Chesterfield St And New Kent) Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Several low hanging branches on 32nd Street between Chesterfield st and New Kent. Also, (when facing street lamp) branches to the left of it interfere and block the light at night.
  • Brush Pickup Archived
    W 32nd Street Between Chesterfield And New Kent Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Piles of brush along curb to be picked up
  • West 32nd Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights

    At the intersection of chesterfield st and W 32nd st, there's a streetlight that is being covered by tree branches, blocking a large portion of the light at night.

    I am requesting for a crew to come cut back the branches.