Gladys Kravitz

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  • Demolition Date? Acknowledged
    900 Forestwood Dr Saint Louis, MO, 63135, USA - Ferguson
    I was assured that 900 Forestwood Ave. was on the most recent list to be demolished.
    Please provide update on the status of this property.
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    916 Forestwood Dr Saint Louis, MO, 63135, USA - Ferguson
    the Victorian street light at the corner of
    Forestwood and Fergsuson ave is laying on the ground
  • 933 Clearfield Dr Saint Louis, MO, 63135, USA - Ferguson

    This entry will require a response that is not automated. Favor of a reply for all to read is appreciated
    What, if anything, can be done to discourage residents from parking vehicles on grass alongside street curbs? To be clear, I am referring to deliberate acts of parking on grass not just someone overshooting the curb.

    In the Forestwood area this is becoming a real problem and a direct impact on "curb appeal"!

    I believe this needs to be addressed by code enforcement inspectors not just police.

    If code enforcement sees this infraction, post a warning on vehicle and house that is affected. If the resident knows that it is their responsibility to resolve damage maybe they will stop the violations.

  • Ferguson Ave Ferguson, MO - Ferguson
    At the corner of Ferguson and Forestwood there are limbs covering the sidewal. They have been there for months..
  • 900 Forestwood Ferguson, MO - Ferguson
  • S. Florissant Between Brotherton & Suburban Ferguson, MO - Ferguson
    The holiday lights are not lit on many of the lamp posts on east side of S. Florissant between Brotherton & Suburban.
  • Paul Ave Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Today, I saw a woman walking on Paul Ave sidewalk. She was forced to leave the sidewalk and walk in street due to overgrowth under overpass. I don't think cutting back overgrowth will solve this long term. City should consider removing overgrowth "at the root" of the problem!
  • 900 Forestwood Ave Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    What is the status of the property at 900 Forestwood Drive, at the corner of Ferguson Ave? The house has been abandoned and burned out for at least 8+ years. 2018 needs to be the year of resolution for this property.
    It has been a "eye sore" for our community way too long. It is right at one of the main entrances to the Forestwood Neighborhood on a major thoroughfare of our community.
    While left to stand derelict, it has the potential to influence the care and upkeep of the other homes especially when it sits at a gateway to our neighborhood. The "bad apple" that ruins the barrel, so to speak.
    Forestwood Ave has undergone a major street project and upgrade that could and should spark the revitalization of housing stock for this part of our community. This property is undermining that effort which was years in the making. PLEASE, make this a priority!
  • 120029 Edgehill Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    There is a pile of asphalt debris at the corner of edgehill & f orestwood blocking the access to sidewalk. This was most likely washed down by rainwater while MSD was working in the area several weeks back.
  • 1033 Edgehill Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    the house is being rehabbed. when they cleaned it out they left trash in front yard. unfortunately, there does not seem to be an effort to put it to the curb for pickup.
    another house in same block put bulk trash to curb that will not be picked up and has left it there - please speak to both residences!
  • 1036 Edgehill Dr. Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Sorry, I don't have the pole number but it is the pole in front of 1037 Edgehill Dr.