• 3000 Madison Ave Bridgeport Ct - Bridgeport
    Have been complaining for over six weeks that from 5 to 6 PM on, cars are blocking the bus stop on the corner of Madison Avenue and Leslie Road causing people/children riding the bus to have to get off the bus in the middle of the road. (40 feet up the road from where the Sacred Heart girl got killed because people didn't/still don't obey the no parking signs.)Tonight, these two cars were parked here and I was trying to get ON the bus, but because they were blocking the bus stop I had to run into the middle of the road and try to flag the bus, and broke my ankle. We have reported this to the mayor, the police department, and to your 311 line. For six weeks, not ONE cop has tagged ONE car parked in the bus stop illegally. Now that I have snapped my ankle and I have all the documentation, I am going to sue the city of Bridgeport. You get ticketed if you park in the bus stop downtown, we have pictures and reported this, and your cops are too busy shooting up bagel King instead of putting tickets on cars. Well because I had to run into to the road tonight to try to flag the bus because these cars are (again,like every other night )blocking the bus stop, i'm going to sue. This 311 report to Bridgeport is useless because we reported cars parking there, we have sent pictures, and you didn't ticket a single car. But what can we expect, when as soon as the felon mayor gets into office, his big expensive SUV is stolen and taken to Kentucky, and neither the police or the mayors office know anything about it UNTIL the police in Kentucky report it. How can I expect them to enforce traffic regulations here, when the mayor's chariot is stolen and taken to Kentucky and the police department knows nothing about it. So glad I am paying all these high taxes to live in the north end of Bridgeport for no service. But anyway, I fractured my ankle because I had to step into the road because again the bus stop is blocked, so you'll be hearing from my lawyer . We try to give you a heads up and have you ticket these cars and you couldn't be bothered. Not you, not the police, not the mayor. Now my ankle is broken and I am done dealing with you idiots. You can talk to my lawyer.