Gigi antoni

  • 1 Harborside Pl Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - The Waterfront
    Thursday night 9:30 and once again I'm attempting to sleep while my "neighbors" at the Lutz Biergarten stream their pounding bass into my bedroom. Where is my Jersey City government? Do your job PLEASE. Where are you people on this? I've called the police multiple times they do nothing. I have written here along with many others response. What else can I do? It is inconceivable that you get many many reports of this nuisance and disturbance over MONTHS and you do NOTHING, while this "business" is allowed to violate my right to sleep and live in peace while they turn a profit on my back and the backs of other law abiding tax payers. It is not right. I believe everyone is aware this behavior from Lutz isn't acceptable. So why is it being allowed, protected and tacitly supported by the city through their neglect? Why won't the city address this? I'm left to draw my own conclusions since they are silent. Please act. Please respond.