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  • 4024 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33711, USA - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    Alley way on this block has trash scattered throughout the alley. Also the road looks like it could use some work. But that is not the main issue. Once the alley is cleaned, is there some way I could help trim and landscape the alley? I walk through it a lot and would love to clean some of the ruff patches up. Is it city owned or is the alley way in some way the home owners. I just want to know who I need to get the permission from.
    Thanks for your time.
  • 4050 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    This house parks cars on the street that block traffic for both lanes. They also have been drifting in the intersections and racing up and down the streets.
  • 701 37th Street South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    I just drove by a biker who was covered in blood, who was hit at this intersection. There is a police report, because I saw three police, who the biker was talking to. Just like the 40th Street intersection, this area needs help. Bikers are constantly almost getting hit. Perhaps this road needs a intersection hump as well.
  • 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, Florida - Childs Park Neighborhood Association
    On this street, there are two houses that have a high amount of traffic. All day, there are cars parked on the street outside these houses. They block the road and throw trash everywhere. How can we get a no parking on the street sign. There are so many cars sometimes, people can not drive up and down the road. They also have underaged girls at the house, and underaged drinking. Some of the underaged girls are pregnant by the people at this house. The people at the house look like adults. When the police come by to check things out, the main people usually leave later, racing up and down the street and yelling at each other. Often people can not leave their driveways because the cars opposite of their driveway are in the way. I have seen school buses avoiding the surplus of traffic, and car accidents almost happen. This is a 30mph road. Cars screech to a stop because these cars are in the way. This road needs a 'No Parking on this side' sign. Often the children play around their parents cars, running in and out between the cars and into the street. One of these children are going to get hit.