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  • Sidewalks Archived
    232 Adair St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    The sidewalks between and around 940-956 Sycamore Drive are blocked entirely in areas. This has been like this for over a year and has been posted by another person previously and was never fixed or addressed. People like me walk everywhere and this is a big hinderence. I can't imagine what someone in a wheelchair would do. Nobody can pass these areas.
  • Church Strss Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    Across the street from Church Street Manor neighborhood, in front of North Decatur Gardens apartment homes, there are out of control tree branches, blocking the sidewalk as low as waist level.
  • 215 Church St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    On Church St from the pool and Decatur Square condos a Ross the street, there are several areas all up to the Christian Senior Living building where massive branches make it impassable on the sidewalks. This is especially evident outside 1238 Church St and throughout the sidewalk outside Willow Park.
  • 250 Adair St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    I walk everywhere around Decatur as I do not drive. Crosswalks are crucial, especially when I go to my job on West College. With the exceptional rain, this creates issues, especially at the intersection of W Howard, Atlanta Ave and W College at the tracks. There areutiple areas at this crosswalk where the entire width of the crosswalk entrance is submerged in a deep water. All summer I have had to walk in the street to avoid submerging my calves entirely in water going to or from work at that intersection. This is a big safety issue. We need to be able to use the proper crosswalks to be safe, but this clearly is not possibly most days after any level of rain. I have images to show and would appreciate if someone could view this after a good rain.