Cocoa and Jigsaw Puggles

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  • 3130 1st Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55408, USA - Lyndale
    Vehicle is blocking my drivewa ycompletely for the second day in a row. I haven't been able to use it.... And there are plenty of available spots that are not in front of my driveway. Please ticket AND tow so I can get in.
  • 3130 S 1st Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55408, USA - Lyndale
    Nissan SUV with MN license BFE907 is blocking my driveway.... please ticket and tow so we can get in.
  • 3130 1st Ave S Minneapolis, MN, 55408, USA - Lyndale
    Ford SUV is blocking our driveway. We cannot get in/out. What's more frustrating is that this seems to happen nearly every day - AND today there are a million other spots available that are NOT in front of our driveway!
  • Nicollet And 42nd Street Minneapolis, Minnesota - Kingfield
    With all the traffic being re-routed this way to get on Southbound 35W, it is nearly impossible during rush hour to turn left onto 42nd. If one or two cars make it, it is usually because they ran a red light.
  • Pothole Archived
    108 East 32nd Street Minneapolis, Minnesota - Lyndale
  • Pothole Archived
    1st Avenue S And 35th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota - Lyndale