Kathy Ward

Rank: Heman Civic Points: 6,100
  • N Florissant Rd Saint Louis, MO, 63135, USA - Ferguson
    For everyone who has complained about the litter in our town please make note that our CITY WIDE CLEAN UP is taking place on SATURDAY APRIL 27TH 9 am till 12 noon. You can pick up litter bags and and get your assignment at January Wabash park after 8 am Saturday. The committee has designated the streets most in need of litter pick up, this map is on the city web site. You will get a t-shirt when you sign up and lunch will be served at 12:30 pm for the volunteers. Please spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors. Hope to see you Saturday, there are many streets to be covered, so many volunteers are needed.
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    400 Block Of Church Street At South Elizabeth Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    There has been a black Ford parked at Church and Elizabeth with a for sale sign on it for a week now. I don't know where the owner of the car lives but they do not live on Church Street. It needs to be ticketed or the owner told to move it off of the public street please.
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    S. Florissant Victorian Plaza Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    A utility dug up a large place at the plaza, there has been plywood and barricades over it for more than a month now. Can we get them back out to fix this eyesore?
  • 204 N Elizabeth Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
  • 157 North Elizabeth Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    This home is a disaster with peeling paint on the exterior, missing porch spindles, trash around back etc.
  • 415 Estelle Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Grass needs cutting
  • 18 North Elizabeth Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    This home has needed a paint job for several years. It also has had black rubber hanging down from a remuddle job on the attic window for a number of years. It is sad when a historic home is in such disrepair.
  • 227 Harvey Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The dumpster has been in the driveway for over 3 months. There are two couches and more crap at the curb as well.
    Can this and the homes on Estelle be cited and action taken before the 4th of July party on Estelle?
  • 425 Estelle Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    This home is in total disrepair and needs to be torn down.
  • 411 Estelle Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    411 Estelle needs paint and grass cut.
    415 Estelle needs grass cut
  • 818 S. Florissant Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    If you are coming from Express Scripts or UMSL (or Bel Nor like our friends who joined us at the Brewhouse who asked us about this house) the home at 818 is enough to make you turn around and not come into Ferguson! The fire department used it for drills to open up the roof and it looks worse than ever but the whole house needs to come down and soon please.
  • 700 Block Of Nancy Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    Last Thursday night or Friday morning someone dumped a couch at the corner of Nancy and Risdon.
  • 140 Darst Road Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The paint on this house has been peeling for a long time. Spring weather is here and it's time to get this house prepped and painted.
  • 40 Dames Court Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The home at 40 Dames Court was built in 1856 and has been designated as a Century Home. The front of the home, which faces the back of the property, has a lovely big porch that is very much in need of paint. This home needs maintenance before it is too late to save the original porch.
  • 600 Darst Road Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    For over one year there has been ugly orange plastic fencing blocking off the drop off to the creek. There needs to be a permanent metal barrier put up so the plastic can be removed and the sidewalk once again safe for pedestrians and looking nice in our neighborhood.
  • 205? South Clay Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    This home has been 1/2 sided for over 1 year. The upper half is the original clapboard and has weather damage. It looks terrible and will continue to deteriorate if not sided completely before another winter.
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    304 N Elizabeth Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    There is a white SUV parked on the lawn 5 or 6 days a week. The grass underneath is dead since this has been going on for a month. Elizabeth Avenue is a busy street and when others see this day after day they will start parking on their grass as well.
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    South Florissant Road Victorian Plaza Ferguson, Missouri - Ferguson
    The fountain at Victorian Plaza is disgusting. There is green standing water in it, it has not worked for several years and needs to be addressed. I know repairs will be very expensive, maybe it just needs to be filled in with dirt. Or it is time for a plan B. (Maybe a Brian Fletcher memorial fountain)?