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Theo Bevius

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  • 114 Louisiana Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo
    Eager to keep up with other drive-by dumpers, some smart cookie decided to dump at the west end of Louisiana Street, and entire tree-- just a piece at a time, of course.
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    555 Santa Clara Street Vallejo, California - Vallejo

    Issue: All of the Above

    Enough is enough! If I reported a burglary, would a response of: "We came, and tidied up the furniture. Case closed" be satisfactory?

    City Council members have to get the point that "Public Works has an illegal dumping team" or "We patrolled this area" (during daytime business hours) or "Officer has now been assigned to inspect the possible violation(s)" or "a case number has been assigned" do not FIX the problems reported here. They just clean up the mess -- and YES, our city employees do a great job of cleaning up the mess -- but they are just clearing a space for the dumpers, campers, vandals, and druggies to come back and commit the same crimes again, knowing that they face little or no prospect of apprehension or punishment for those crimes. We need proper interdisciplinary programs to apprehend the violators, and a triage system to provide:

    * Care for those who are truly need it

    * Education for those who are unknowingly doing the wrong thing, and

    * Punishment for those who uncaringly, or for profit, defile or city, and the homes of its citizens.

    If city management and senior staff do not understand or appreciate these needs, then they need urgently to be re-educated, or replaced.