• W 13400 S Herriman, UT, 84096, USA - Riverton
    This is the third time i've requested this change and both prior attempts i was told concurrent turn signals with through signals does not work. I had the pleasure of seeing concurrent signals working great over the weekend on Redwood Rd and Mountain View Utah County. Its the same type of road configuration with a big median area, two turn lanes, two through lanes, virtually a clone of 13400/MVC. Clearly it does work, so please explain why concurrent turn and through signals cannot be done at Salt Lake County intersections (not just this one). Let those of us who drive this mess every day try this to test and experience. Consistency lacks in the signaling across the valley.
  • 4398-4400 W 13400 S Herriman, UT, 84096, USA - Riverton
    Signal 13400 S to Mtn View Village cycles merely to give a NB turn signal a green. Literally EB thru signal changed from green to red for 1 second, then turned the NB arrow from 13400 EB direction plus the EB thru traffic back to green. 1 second....There should be no reason for EB thru traffic to get a red just to cycle the arrow to go into the village. Give a red to WB so the NB turn signal can get a green, but keep EB thru traffic green too. Many people had to slam on brakes and then do an immediate restart. It has done this at 530AM and recently 9:30AM 5/3. Also, there is no road traveling SB yet from this same intersection so any WB traffic that is trying to make a UTurn should not get a dedicated green. Make it a flashing yellow so don't jack up thru traffic.
  • Mountain Vw Herriman, UT, 84096, USA - Riverton
    Westbound traffic on 13400 S consistently backs to 4200 W which amounts to 40-60 vehicles. When driving south/north on MVC at 13400 S, traffic signals back no more than 10 vehicles. Westbound/Eastbound on 13400 S both through and turn traffic onto MVC do not have sufficient time. Could use concurrent turn arrows with through traffic. North/South on MVC simply don't have as much volume.
  • Mountain Vw Herriman, UT, 84096, USA - Riverton
    Signal traveling southbound on MVC changes to allow ghost travelers coming out of the mountain view village. Please consider changing the signal scheme to not require a signal change when there are no vehicles traveling westbound out of mountain view village in order to travel southbound on MVC. Currently right hand turn northbound onto MVC or the "ghost" vehicles trigger the signal and stops southbound traffic for no reason. By all means change the Northbound intersection signal if there are vehicles, but if there are no "through" traffic vehicles coming out of the village westbound to converge with MVC southbound there is no reason to change the southbound signal. All this does is introduce more braking/accelerating causing more pollution.
  • Bangerter Hwy West Jordan, UT, 84084, USA - West Jordan
    On Bangerter, starting at 4700 S through 9000 S there is "1" traffic signal at 6200 S (43 total blocks) and the speed limit is 55. From 9000 S through 13400 S (44 total blocks) there are 3 traffic signals and the speed limit is 60. Help me out here, why can Bangerter not be 60mph through 4700 S? Also, cameras are out at commuter link site from 5600-9000 S on bangerter and have been for what seems like a month.
  • 8079-8601 Bangerter Highway West Jordan, Utah - West Jordan
    Is it possible to get a camera facing north from the old binham bridge so drivers can see just how jacked up SB bangerter is prior to committing beyond 7800 s? SB Bangerter Traffic often backs to 80th.
  • Signage Archived
    3467-3473 7000 South West Jordan, Utah - West Jordan
    Signage stated left lane closed ahead. Nowhere could I see notice the damn road was closed entirely at Bangerter for WB traffic and would be forced to NB Bangerter. How about adding "road closed ahead" in flashing lights and to turn around or "NB Bangerter access only". What was wrong with the 7000 S. underpass anyway, seemed to drive just fine every day. You realize there's no way to get west now right? 5400 is under construction, 6200 has always been a joke with WB traffic backing to 3200 W (gonna get worse) and now can't use 7000. Why not tear up 6200 and make it literally impossible to pass.
  • Other Archived
    Mountain View Corridor West Jordan, Utah - West Jordan
    Why does the speed limit drop to 55 once south of 9000 S? It can't be due to asphalt as many highways are 65mph with asphalt.
  • Bangerter Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Ever since the main signal towers were removed and transitioned to east/west side travel for NB/SBb traffic, this light no longer times with 12300 S NB traffic. Cannot make the light at 11400 and in turn 10400 S as well. Why would the timing need to change?
  • Mountain View Corridor Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    Signals westbound straight and westbound turn to southbound MVC do not have sufficient time for demand traveling west. Traffic backs to farm buildings nearly every day and will only get worse with new commercial development.