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  • 1180 Cold Harbor Dr Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    The home at 1180 Cold Harbor is a serious state of deterioration. The weeds are growing in the entire yard and the home is also in poor condition. Presently, there are renters in this home. This home is not part of our HOA in Litchfield Hundred so we have limited power to resolve this issue. This is an ongoing issue that has not been resolved by the city after repeated requests.
  • 1295 Keans Ct Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    They yard at 1295 Keans Ct. is full of weeds and very overgrown. The HOA Board has send repeated letters requesting that it be cut with no results.
  • 13330 Bishops Ct Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    This is an empty lot next to 13330 Bishops Ct. which has been reported before without resolution. I have contacted Lennar builders who own the lot three times without resolution. It has not been cut the entire summer. I am requesting the city attempt to contact them and have it resolved or send someone to cut the lot.
  • Bishops Ct Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    There is a gate at the end of Bishops Ct. that was placed to stop construction traffic from driving through Litchfield Hundred to get to the new subdivision of Grand Reserves of Litchfield, which is off of 140. It is being opened by construction trucks and then being left open after they realize there is another gate on the other side which has a pad lock. Can we please add a pad lock to this gate so they can't open it.
  • Addison Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    After the storm we have a lot of debris in the curb area ie pine straw, leaves, limbs. Would like to request that the road sweeper come through Litchfield Hundred. Especially bad on Addision Rd.. Some debris in middle of roads, as well.
  • Cashiers Way Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    This jeep has been on Cashiers Way all week in an area where there is no homes. Today a Warning Sign was placed on the jeep but want to make sure the police have checked if there is someone in the surrounding wooded areas.
  • 13330 Bishops Ct Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    I already submitted this lot which is next to 13330 Bishops Ct. but it appears that the only lots that were cut are on the other side of the barrier gate at the end of Bishops Ct.. The lot of concern is actually in Litchfield Hundred not the new development. It is owned by Lennar development and I have called them several times.
  • 13330 Bishops Ct Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    This lot is next to 13330 Bishops Ct. and owned by Lennar Builders. I am a board member for Litchfield Hundred and use to call a Jeff Ransom at Lennar, 404-5-2-7952, but he is no longer responding to my request for the lot to be cut. I also called Lennar's main office and reported the problem without any result.
  • 12880 Bucksport Dr Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    Tree is very near Cox Rd. and resident is not removing.
  • 13115 Addison Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    This homeowner has been doing construction for years and continues to leave construction debris lying in his yard. Letters and verbal requests have been sent for removal on many occasions. He will state he will remove and never follows through. Property is an eye sore to the neighborhood.
  • Bucksport Dr & Lackey Rd Roswell, GA, 30075, USA - Roswell
    Flooding of road at Lackey Rd. and Bucksport in Litchfield Hundred neighborhood. This has been an ongoing issue that has never been resolved.
  • 13325 Bishops Ct. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    A semi-truck is parked in the driveway and there is a large pile of mulch in the driveway that has been there for over a year.
  • Litchfield Rd. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Reported crumbling road on corner of Litchfield and Cold Harbor. Repair was made but quality of work is poor. Appreciate quick response but wish the repair could look more presentable.
  • Litchfield Drive Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    The main entrance to Litchfield Hundred has areas along the road that are crumbling. The area pictured is at the stop sign as you enter. In addition there are major cracks forming in the road.
  • 1180 Cold Harbor Dr. Roswell Georgia - Roswell
    This home appears vacant and the yard is full of limbs, weeds, debris and tall grass. It has been reported several times and no improvement has occurred.
  • 1180 Cold Harbor Dr. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This home has been identified in the past and received a notice to clean up their yard of trees and debris. It does not seem that any follow up has happened as the condition remains unchanged.
  • 905 Shepards Ct. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Large amount of tree limbs have been trimmed and left lying in the yard. Neighbors are complaining about the overall condition of this home.
  • 1180 Cold Harbor Dr. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This yard is full of debris and in overall poor condition. As a neighborhood we have limited control as they are not part of our HOA. We have placed a request in the past regarding this property and minimal clean up was done.
  • Corner Of Bucksport Dr. And Lackey Rd. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    Every time it rains we have a large amount of standing water in this area. Lackey Rd. is not paved which creates a significant mess and eye sore for residents of Litchfield Hundred.
  • 13115 Addison Rd. Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    This homeowner has been remodeling this home for years but work has stopped. There is construction debris; gutters, etc. lying in the yard creating an eye sore for our neighborhood. The HOA has sent many notices without resolution of the issues.