Denton Z

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 600
  • 1481 Highfield Dr Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    Address 1481 Highfield Dr in Clearwater has water sitting in front of the drive way everytime it rains. It sits there for days until it dries up. This is causing Mosquitos to nest and fly around the property.
  • 777 30th Ave North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7


    Reopening issue 4903661. The bike lanes on 30th Ave are always submerged in water, even after a little shower. This defeats the purpose of the bike lane if you're unable to use it...

    Previous comments stated this would be fixed over a month ago. Can confirm that it has not happened and is still an issue.

  • Flooding Archived
    777 30th Ave North St. Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    Since the road was repaved, the bike lane in front of 777 30th Ave is always submerged in water. It hasn't rained in three days yet the water is still there. I have to ride my bike in the road for two blocks to avoid the water, which defeats the purpose of having a bike lane... please advise.
  • 777 30th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The trash can for the apartment complex 777 30th ave north has a hole or gap at the bottom. This is causing trash to spill into the road after pickup and they're not picking up the garbage that falls on the floor. This needs repaired.