Anon a mouse

  • 6730 Half Moon Dr Sarasota FL 34231, United States - Gulf Gate Estates
    The sidewalk is raised in multiple places We were walking and my friend fell and hit her head Please fix
  • 2530 Gulf Gate Dr Sarasota, FL, 34231, USA - Gulf Gate Estates
    Lift Station 102-0665; Gulf Gate Dr. at Seagate is stinking of sewer again. This station constantly emits a horrible odor. This morning the garbage even complained it was so bad! This has been going on for years. Please take care of this!
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    3010 Gulf Gate Drive Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    This cover has been missing for months.
  • 2428 Gulf Gate Dr Sarasota, Florida - Gulf Gate Estates
    Tree fell over into the easement for the drainage ditch and will hinder drainage.