Inkster, MI Neighbor

  • 3971 Washington St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    This is Wellinton Park the grass here is extremely high , Our kids are out of school because of Covid 19 but they cant even enjoy the local park in the way of which the should be able , can you send someone to cut that grass please.
  • 611 Tobin Dr Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    The people in building 611 apt. 205 have been out of control since they moved in a few days ago. Maybe they don't realize how noisy they are. Cannot get into contact with landlord. Emails have not been answered.
  • 26808 Oakland St Inkster, MI 48141, USA - Inkster
  • Morley St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Here comes the mini bikes again. this is becoming an everyday problem. neighbor coming out of drive yesterday with a mini bike flying by, unreal.
    It is illegal in the state of michigan, weather it be a kid or an adult riding a mini bike..They are constantly zooming up and down morley, shadowlawn, stollman, biltmore, john daly, and plenty of other streets.. most of these kids riding are renters of rental properties. We know are rights of citizens in this community.. We pay are taxes, and we are sick and tired of mini bikes.. Police either need to start pulling, give more tickets, or put an end to this.. This has gone on way to long in this city. Its time for the police chief to know what is going on..This is very dangerous to kids playing, and traffic which goes up and down these streets.. They have no respect.. Kids live on sunningdale, fairwood, adult nusance also lives on morley. when these kids see adults riding them , they think its ok.. ILLEGAL!!. We have a lot of seniors over here, that own, and we are tired of renters thinking they own the streets.. It has to STOP!!!!
  • 1029 John Daly St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Lawn has not been mowed this year. Weeds and grass are almost waist high.
  • Meadowlane St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Cars continue to speed down Meadowlane St, especially one white car. The vehicles are speeding so fast, you can barely see them. They usually start at the corner of Wellesley, down Meadowlane to Lexington. Please, do something!
  • 26301-26599 Hopkins St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Unattended dogs again at Hopkins and Bayham
  • 26511 Marshall St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Flooding in basement due to rain and streets are flooded again.
  • 1705 Meadowlane St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster


    I'm sending this email because there has been multiple shootings connected to the residence at 1705 Meadowlane Street, which is between Wellesley and Lexington. Most recently, on May 12, 2020 a person was standing in the middle of the street and began firing a gun at a vehicle that sped pass; this occurred during the afternoon.

    In speaking with other residents, we are very concerned to say the least. The house at 1705 Meadowlane Street has a history of volatile and suspicious behavior/activity; the police have been contacted repeatedly about this house, but the problems still linger. Your help is requested.

    thank you

  • Public Nuisance Acknowledged
    495 Fairwood St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Loud music played in garage all times of day and night
  • 1742 Meadowlane St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    A strange drilling sound at 1742 Meadowlane Street was heard on three separate occasions in April 2020.
    On Friday, May 08, 2020 the front door was wide open. Police were called to the scene. Oddly, the police left the front door wide open. After being contacted by a resident, law officials said that someone should be back to board up the front door, but they couldn't guarantee when this would take place. (An official also mentioned in the phone conversation that there was a large hole in the floor) Currently, the front door is still not boarded up/secured properly; however, a neighbor did pull the door shut.
  • 26312 Annapolis St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Multiple cars in and out of the house all night, speeding loud music. Suspected drug dealing.
  • 26311 Hopkins St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Corner of Beyhan and Annapolis. Suspected drug house. Multiple cars, loud music,in and out of house all hours of the evening
  • 26311 Hopkins St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Corner of Hopkins and Beyhan, daily issues of reckless driving, speeding. Cars are doing donuts in intersection
  • 755 Clair St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    The city sidewalk in front of our house has sloped drastically and possesses an issue. Is it possible to get this fixed?
  • 189 Cardwell St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Trucks carrying HEAVY LOADS, throughout the day; but mostly “early morning and at night” sounds like freight trains that drop heavy barrels on the road. As they speed down Cheeryhill, due to the POTHOLES already present and left UNCONTESTED they will become UNBEARABLE !
  • 495 Fairwood St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    Radio is being played loudly in the backyard all day long into the night. Daily occurrence.
  • Morley St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    getting a lot of unknown vehicles parking on morley, shadowlawn, and stollman.. i believe there is drug trafficking going on. i guess they are being told to drive to westwood park.. been taking a lot of pics of starnge vehicles.. we never had this problem over here till the corona virus started. i always watched from my front=window another vehicle throwing a bag of white poweder into there car. i hardly think it was powder sugar. this has been going on for the last 6 weeks.. we have a nice neighborhood on this side of inkster.. and we want to keep it that way. what can we do? put up signs? take pictures with license numbers? heck ill go undercover., if you want.. i want to help our city. not let it be destroyed by hoodlums.. what can we do?
  • 916 Sunningdale Dr Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    There are mini bikes flying up and down Sunningdale since March. I get you are letting people have an escape but the noise is a nuisance and they are not wearing helmets. Once people start moving about again someone is going to get killed. I asked the dad to take the kids to the park and let them ride. Mostly between Mt. Vernon and Avondale. I’m not sure if it’s still the guy across the street or from somewhere else but it would be nice if you guys would stop it now or we will have this going on all summer or until a car flying down the street kills someone. Btw I mentioned that to the neighbor and he said that’s why he carries a gun.
  • Shadowlawn St Inkster, MI, 48141, USA - Inkster
    this is for the mayor. we are in a crisis. i understand kids are bored. It is illegal to ride and race orv, mini bikes up and down the roads. On side streets, that are a public nusance, not to mention again, Illegal on public roadways. They are loud. we have a lot of seniors in this neighborhood, and the police just let it go. Tell me Mr, Mayor, your job of this city is to protect these citizens. I called the police station on April 10,2020 to report incidents. well nothing happens.Yes we are in a panademic. but does not give these renters, a priority to disturb seniors, or make loud noise everyday. i pay my taxes. i have pics. im tired of the police not protecting the city. just because we in a panademic, does not give these kids or there parents a right, to ride mini bikes and make rude , obnoxious noises from these bikes, and does not give them the right to race them up and down my street.