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  • 26347 S River Park Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Water is gushing into road under a driveway a d curb
  • 215 Shadowlawn Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    these people never clean there leaves, called property maintenance.tired of the stuff blowing back all over my lawn, because of lazy renters.!!!! These are constant issues..if you issue them a ticket they might learn!!!
  • Avondale & Helen Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Isn't there some kind of ordinance for homeowners to keep their property up? This fence looks terrible with the graffiti, and the front of this house has garbage everywhere, another eyesore. People are not going to want to move to our City and live near this!
  • Abandoned house Acknowledged
    Avondale & Helen St. Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    This house had been vacant for years and people keep steeling the aluminum siding off of it to scrap for money. This has been an eyesore for years. Is there anything the City can do....maybe tear it down?
  • Corner Of Center & Colonial Dr. Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    These tree limbs have been here forever, no one does anything to clean this up.
  • Helen St Just South Of Avondale Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    These are trees in front of the little park on Helen St. just south of Avondale. They've been here a very long time.
  • Colonial Drive Off Inkster Rd. Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    This is a brush pile that our waste management will not pick up since it's not bundled in 4 ft lengths. Who is responsible and who will clean this up?
  • Center & Northwood Corner Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    This Brush has been here over a year. The homeowner didn't bundle in 4ft lengths for the garbage company to pick up, and left everything on the City easement. Someone needs to clean this up!
  • 29131 Gertrude Ct. Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Standing water in front of 29131 Gertrude Ct. SE corner of my curbside. Area needs patching. It's been broken for years! Also, backyard has standing water on City of Inkster easement. Fence line along large field (Middlebelt Baptist) where homes abut the fence line of city's easement needs to be graded/addressed. I have a pond in my backyard. Can the city please fix this problem. I lost a spruce a few years ago because of the ground being too saturated in my back yard. This is city property. #somebodypleasefixinkster #helpisneededininkster
  • Other Open
    29131 Gertrude Ct Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    GFL is not picking up recyclables on a regular basis. Blue bins did not get emptied on Friday, March 8th and I am looking via my Ring Video Doorbell today to see if they come. I thought that we are paying for them to come pick up every week. Isn't this a line item in on our tax bill. They need to do ask contracted to do. I have called GFL to let them know. Also, you have two different numbers for GFL on your website 844-464-3578 (wrong) and 844-464-3587 (correct). Someone should correct the wrong number.
  • Other Open
    28602 Fernwood Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Our water meter froze and needs to be repaired, we had an appointment today from 830-1130 and no one called or showed up. I have tried to all the water department 3 times and no answer. Can someone please call to schedule repair. Brian Shook 313-999-0624
  • Other Open
    28602 Fernwood Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Water meter frozen and busted at house, need to schedule for repair/replacement. Brian Shook 313-999-0624
  • Corner Of Shadowlawn And Morley Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    for a year, I have been complaing to the city, and the dps dept. this corner is now frozen..water from rain does not go down. my next step is to contact channel 2 news problem solvers. this issue needs to be addressed..we have been dealing with this for 5 needs to do there job..probably dead tree branches wrapped around sewer..Same story. city has no money!!!!! NOT MY PROBLEM or the citizens. sell sure a private owner could run it better.
  • Other Open
    28602 Fernwood Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Pipe broken at water meter, had to reschedule repair appointment due to illness, please call 313-999-0624 to set up another appointment. Thank you.
  • Pothole Open
    29146 Michigan Ave Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Hard to see under wet conditions. Myself and one other vehicle popped a tire here within an hour of each other. Locals know to avoid it, so it's a known problem.
  • Magnolia & Center Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Stop sign is laying down on the ground of the North East Corner Of:
    Magnolia Dr. & Center St.
    Inkster, MI
  • Other Open
    28602 Fernwood Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Water Meter is busted at this house. I have tried calling but the number is constantly busy. Please call me Brian Shook at 313-999-0624. Thank you.
  • 27322 Florence St Inkster, Michigan - Inkster
    Our trash was not picked up on trash day. It has not been collected today which is a day later
  • 27378 Woodsfield St Inkster, MI - Inkster
    Just wanted to report low water pressure at 27378 Woodsfield, in case there is an issue with a water main and/Or water pumps.
  • 28574 Rosewood St INKSTER, MI - Inkster
    I am having to get my main line snaked at least once a month yet my tub and toilet keeps bubbling. I noticed that the streets surrounding me are causing the problem. I would greatly appreciate if someone could come check it out.