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  • 25 Rogers St Cambridge 02142, United States - East Cambridge
    It’s bad enough that the street has remained closed past the expected date of late September, but now they’ve expanded the fence to take over the previously specifically excluded handicap spot. The neighborhood really needed that space. There isn’t anywhere else close by to the business and apartments on the corner of First and Rogers that’s available to people with a disabled tag. Did they give the city a heads up before they expanded the fence line?
  • 33 Rogers St - East Cambridge
    Either they’ve narrowed the road too much or people shouldn’t be parking there, but the road is functionally blocked by several cars parking in the temporary no parking/tow zone.
  • 145 1st St Cambridge 02142, United States - East Cambridge
    This tree spot has become overgrown and full of garbage since the tree came down. Even if you can’t plant a new tree, clearing out the dirt patch would be a great improvement.
  • 161 1st St Cambridge 02142, United States - East Cambridge
    There aren’t any. I assume because of the construction. But the 1st end of Rogers between there and 2nd is considerably darker at night than this photo would suggest. There just isn’t any light.