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  • Potholes Archived
    Dwight Street Between George And N. Frontage (Mlk) New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight
    This block is especially bad for potholes, both lanes.
  • Munson And Dixwell New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    I'm re-opening this. The intersection is a complete mess, with three separate stop-lights visible to the driver stopped on Munson, at Dixwell, facing east. You say you went to the site, so how is it you missed this? I'm not just talking about the next intersection altho that is too confusing in itself, another stoplight only feet away. If you looked at the site you would have seen the third stop light, unless it was changed in the interim. Even if it's in synch with one of the others it's hopelessly confusing. You are familiar with the area, you probably know why all those lights are there, or you are used to ignoring them. If you want it to provide safety you must assume the perspective of someone not familiar. I've lived in New Haven for many years and I still have no idea what is up with this intersection. It's mind-boggling.
  • 112 Amity Road New Haven, Connecticut - Amity
    I'm not sure if the City has any responsibility here, but on a recent visit to Amity Shopping Center, the bushes were so overgrown that it was hazardous to drive within the parking lot: there were numerous blind corners.
    I'll try to contact the merchants' group, but they shouldn't need reminding about such basic maintenance.
  • 900 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    I say this as a low-income person who sometimes takes the bus (when I have no choice):
    Can we please move the bus hub away from the Green, at long last? Let's stop pretending we're one big happy community, or one society.
    Establish bus hubs on lower Dixwell, the Boulevard, and Foxon, where there's more room and less interclass tension. This would also alleviate many of the complaints from Downtown posted to this site, including the loitering and drug activity.
  • 49 Goffe Street New Haven, Connecticut - Dixwell
    the tree roots have raised the sidewalk badly between Goffe Street and the UPS store. Pedestrains at risk of tripping here.
  • Corner Of Chapel And York New Haven, Connecticut - Yale University Campus
    This is re: the bus stop on Chapel, across from the Yale Rep. To the right of the shelters is a 4-sided pillar with the bus schedules. Between the positioning of the pillar, and the newspaper boxes crowded in, you have to virtually stand on Chapel Street to read all the schedules. The pillar should be moved. It's just not safe, especially at a busy corner.
  • Dwight St. Between Whalley And Elm New Haven, CT - Dwight
    On north side of this block, 3 houses get City carting. One of those houses has 5 brown "toters" for trash, the other 2 houses have 2 each. They can't be moved because they're marked with the house #. This makes it impossible to switch to the brown ones for trash. Also, blue ones should be marked "Recycling." Until then: confusion.
  • Corner Dwight St. And Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT - New Haven Police District 10
    As in the rest of the city, many drivers refuse to obey the traffic laws. This is a crosswalk in name only. Pedestrians should be ready to dodge cars. I suspect that jaywalking is sometimes better: better view, no false sense of security.
    Despite "No Standing" signs, cars routinely park in front of the businesses here (Smooth's, etc). Since Whalley is busy, cars end up pulling out on the red light, which is when WALK signs come on. "No Standing" needs to be strictly enforced here. PLEASE enforce; PLEASE stop parking there, there are nearby spots.