Melody Betlem

Rank: Civic Points: 580
  • 5502 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33603, USA - Riverside
    No bus @ 5:50 a.m.
  • 5502 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33603, USA - Riverside
    driver early at Stop 3784
  • 2507 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33614, USA - Riverside
    Driver came early again, left 3 behind
  • 2605 W Swann Ave Tampa, FL 33609, USA - Courier City
    Route 14 scheduled at 5:50 a.m.-arrived 3 minutes early leaving 3 of us behind. Two more left at the next stop. Driver always trying to avoid a red light. Needs to watch for riders coming off other buses and not be in such a rush and rude.
  • 2511 W Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, Florida - Wellswood
    Bus 14 never showed up at stop. Three of us ride every day on a regular basis. The regular driver "Tony" knows we are there every day. When two of us got off Bus 34, we were on time. Another girl is there long before we get there. We crossed Hillsborough to the stop and OneBusAway already showed that the bus had arrived two minutes prior. It must have came really early as the one girl is there early and we are always able to catch that bus even after getting off the Bus 34. Where was Tony today. He knows we are there. No Tony, NO BUS!!! We all were late today. Thanks Hartline!
  • 7902 W Hillsborough Avenue tampa, Florida - Town 'n' Country
    OneBusAway showed that bus arrived @ 5:28. I was waiting for 20 minutes from 5:18 to 5:38 - no bus. Had to Uber in order to catch connecting Route 14 on time. Not happy.
  • Armenia Ave & Hillsborough Ave Tampa, Florida - Riverside
    For the second time this week, the driver on route 14 arrived early, did not wait and left three of us behind as he passed us by while crossing Hillsborough Ave departing Route 34.
  • Hanley Road @ Jackson Springs tampa/hillsborough, Florida - Town 'n' Country
    Once again, the bus was late. Made several stops then proceeded to the airport. Driver could not locate drop off point. Toured the airport twice and finally made the meet point. When attempting to proceed to MTC, we found ourselves headed to St. Pete. Spent over 1.5 hours on the bus. Missed connection, was late for work again. Please start this route 1/2 hour earlier and make the stops every 30 minutes, instead of every hour. Many people are frustrated, rude, losing money from their job and possible losing their job entirely. This is unacceptable. Anything help is appreciated.
  • Lost in SpaceB Arkiverad
    Jackson Springs And Hanley Road Tampa, Florida - Town 'n' Country
    Bus arrived late, then we toured the entire airport twice. We then we're headed to downtown Tampa but ended up in St. Pete? I have been on the bus for over an hour and a half and should have been at work. This is affecting my life and my paycheck. Please start this route @ 530 with 30 minute intervals instead of every hour. Drivers have bot been trained and this is not fair to the people. Thank you.
  • 6423 El Dorado Drive Tampa, Florida - Town 'n' Country
    Need to have earlier/more frequent pick up times for route 60LX. I have been late to work every day due to driver not knowing route, overcrowding on bus, missing connecting bus and very angry riders. Feel really bad for the drivers.