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  • 2367-2487 Hobbs Rd Sw Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    This is the second night of this. Loud bass rumbling through the house at all hours of the night. Giving my wife and I headaches, and waking up our 1 year old son. It is well past sound curfew hours. Is this legal?
  • 2367-2487 Hobbs Rd Sw Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Are they working on the new road? Or is there construction going on on the Arsenal? Loud dump trucks have been driving down Hobbs Rd every 5-10 minutes all night. The loud base rumble is reverberating through the house, and waking up my 1 yr old. Really hoping this isn't going to become an every night thing.
  • 150-198 Martin Rd Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    The light for Martin Eastbound turning onto Pkwy Northbound is far too short!! Both turn lanes get backed up, and the folks at the back have to wait for two or three cycles before they can turn. Parkway traffic no longer runs through this intersection. All the traffic from the parkway should be turning right onto the arsenal or left towards Whitesberg. The green light duration or frequency (or both) should be increased, in my opinion.